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Iqama validity check in KSA with and without Absher

Iqama validity check in KSA

Iqama validity check is so important in KSA due to expats who are in millions. They are living and working in Saudi Arabia on Iqama which has limited time validity. So Iqama holders tend to remain in touch with the Ministry of Interior system to know their Iqama expiry date or Iqama validity in KSA.

Iqama Validity check Methods

There are multiple methods to check iqama validity in KSA. The most famous procedure was the Iqama expiry check through the MOI portal which doesn’t work now. Ministry of Interior now redirects the expats to the Absher system. Eventually, they are checking Iqama validity there. This process is easy for registered users but the foreigners who have not Absher account feel disease. So we will explain both procedures, with Absher and without Absher for Saudi iqama validity check.

Iqama Validity check without Absher

This is a newly found method to check iqama validity in KSA. It shows the iqama expiry date both in Hijri and Georgian calendars. If you don’t have an account Absher and want to save your time, then you should use this Iqama validity check procedure. Please write down your iqama number and date of birth and follow these simple steps.

  • Step1: Click on this link to open the Labor ministry website.
  • Step 2: Change the language to English as options are given on the top of the left side of your screen. You can see it in the screenshot given below.
iqama validity check
  • Step 3: The new page is opened in front of you where you have to enter your Iqama number and date of birth. This is the process to create an account on the labor ministry site but we will not complete it. Just put your particulars and get your iqama expiry date.  ویزا گائیڈ بک اردو میں پڑھیں
Iqama validity check in KSA
  • Step 4: Now enter the captcha verification code into the last box and press the ‘’Next’’ button to check Iqama validity. The process is completed and your required information is shown on the new page. Your full name, gender, nationality, and other things are also appearing here with your Iqama expiry date.
iqama validity

Now after checking your Iqama validity stop the operation by simply closing your browser. A lot of expats called it the Saudi iqama validity check. (Must read: Iqama Expiry Check Red Green)

Urdu Video Tutorial for Iqama Validity Check In KSA Without Absher

Iqama Validity check in KSA with Absher

Now we will explain the procedure of Iqama Validity check in KSA with Absher. Your login ID and password is required for this method, however, you can also use any other’s account. New account also may be created by following the guideline of the system. Anyways, perform these actions to check Iqama validity.

  • Step1: Open this link to login your account:
  • Step2: Now change the language of the site to English.
Absher home
  • Step3: Enter your user ID/Iqama number and password. The system will send you one-time password on pressing the enter button. (Must Read: Easy way to Check Kafeel name)
absher login
  • Step4: Check OTP in your registered mobile number and enter it.
  • Step5: Now you can see a new page where ‘’Query Iqama expiry service’’ option is available on the bottom of the right-hand side. Please click on this box as given in the screenshot.
iqama expiry check with Absher
  • Step6: Another new page is opened, put iqama number and image code in the required fields and press ‘’View” button.
iqama expiry view

That’s all, now you can check your iqama expiry date or iqama validity on the screen. This process is called Iqama Validity check with Absher in KSA. (Check MOI Traffic Violation in Saudia)

Final Words

Friends you have learned two methods to Check Iqama validity. Now it’s your choice to use any one of them for your convenience. Moreover, our comment box is available for your queries regarding Iqama Validity Check in KSA.

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