Check Iqama fund with Absher, Public Query Funds 2019 Method

Iqama fund and its usage

Before learning the procedure to check Iqama fund or Public query funds, you must know about Iqama fund. The expats living in Saudi Arabia avail some services under the Ministry of the interior like driving license and issuance of a visa. They have to pay fee and fines sometimes for these government-related services. For this purpose, they deposit money through ATM or online banking. These funds appear under their Iqamas which is called Iqama fund and the procedure to check these funds is known as public query available fund. ویزا گائیڈ بک اردو میں پڑھیں

The details of services for which you may pay with iqama fund are:

  • Huroob removal charges
  • Sponsorship transfer fee
  • Change of profession fee
  • Vehicle registration and renewal fee
  • Driving license and renewal fee
  • Exit or reentry visa
  • Family visit visa and extension fee

For the confirmation of payment Iqama holders usually check iqama fund through ”public query funds” or ”public query Iqama funds’’ service. If these funds are shown online, you can understand that transaction is not done. If funds are not found, it means the fee is charged. This was checked by MOI website earlier but now the procedure is changed. You will have to use Absher website or App for public query available fund. (Must read: Easy methods to check iqama validity)

New method to Check Iqama fund

The new method to check iqama fund is Absher procedure by using ”public query funds” service. As Absher is also a portal of MOI, you will adopt almost the same procedure as on MOI website. If you want to use your smartphone for this purpose, you have the option to use Absher App for better performance. Anyway, follow these simple steps to check iqama funds.

  • Step1: Open Absher website by using this link.
  • Step2: Select the option of ”Individuals” on the home page.

Absher home

    • Step3: Then change the language to English, when a new page opened.

  • Step4: In this step login to your Absher account by entering a user name, password and image code. Create a new account if you don’t have already. This is an easy task which you can do with the help of above Urdu video tutorial. You can also use any others account to check iqama fund.

absher login

  • Step5: Now you have to find ”public query Iqama funds” option on the bottom of the new page. All services related to your Iqama will be shown there. If it is not visible, then you can use the search box given on the top. Simply type ”public query funds” and press enter button on your keyboard. On showing this option, click on it.  

Public query fund

  • Step6: New page will be opened, where you have to enter your iqama number as identity number and image code/captcha.
  • Step7: Then click on ”View” button and check the details of your Iqama fund.

The former method was almost the same and called MOI Iqama fund. It is changed to provide you better services by the Ministry of Interior. Moreover, all Iqama related services are now available on a single portal. So don’t feel uncomfortable and register yourself on Absher website or portal to enjoy this facility.

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The Procedure to get back Public query funds

Friends, if you have deposited funds and the Absher is still showing it as iqama fund i.e. transaction is not completed, you can get it back. Yes, MOI provides you this option provided that it appears in Public query funds. Once the transaction is done, then you have no chance to refund Iqama funds.

All online banks in Saudi Arabia like Alumina, Al Ahli, Fransi, Riyadh bank, SABB offer this service through ATM, mobile banking and internet banking. We are let you know this procedure through Fransi Bank. Please follow these simple steps to get the refund of Iqama fund.


  • First of all, login to account by entering the password.
  • There is an option of Saddad / MOI, select it.
  • Now select MOI payments.
  • Dropdown and choose Alien control.
  • Select the category in which you have deposited funds. i.e visa fee or renewal charges etc.
  • Check on refund box and then click on ”Submit”,
  • Now enter iqama number in the next window.
  • This is time to click on the Inquiry button.
  • Then you have to conform.
  • The procedure is done and you will find a message intimating the refund within three days.

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Frequently asked questions about Public query funds

Q: In how many days, funds will be deposit?

Ans: You can deposit funds in your account by visiting the nearest bank. These funds will be appearing very next day in your account.

Q: If I have no fund for the renewal of my Iqama, what will happen?

Ans: You can get a loan from your bank on the guarantee of Kafeel. If he is not agreed, any other Saudi citizen can give your guarantee.

Q: I have applied for Iqama first time, how can check available funds without iqama number?

Ans: You can use your border number for this purpose.

Q: What is the time limit in which I can get my iqama fund back?

Ans: There is no time frame, usually deposited funds shown under your Iqama up to 15 minutes. This is the period when you can get a public query available fund back.

Q: From where I can get the Absher App?

Ans: You can install Absher App from Google Play store by this link.

Q: I have no Absher account, can use any other’s account to check Iqama fund?

Ans: Yes, you can but it is better to create your own Absher account.

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