Iqama insurance is medical insurance in Saudi Arabia for ex-pats which is mandatory for the issuance and renewal of Iqama. It is also necessary for the family members living with the Iqama holder. For this compulsion, ex-pats care for the validity of their health insurance like iqama expiry. This procedureContinue Reading

Query Iqama Expiry service

The procedure of Query Iqama Expiry Service has been Changed. Now you will have to visit the new official website ”www.Absher.Sa” instead of ”www.Moi.Gov.Sa” for an iqama query. Query Iqama Expiry Service There is no need to worry, simply visit the new site by clicking on the link given belowContinue Reading


The Expats who want to know ‘’How to check how many sim on my iqama” can get their answer here. People also search this topic as ‘’how to check mobile number registered under my iqama’’. Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) provides you with a service titled “My Numbers Service’’Continue Reading

Iqama Expiry Check Red Green Iqama Expiry Check Red Green is being performed on the websites of the Saudi Labor Department and Absher. The only thing you require for this Iqama red-green process is your Iqama number or Passport number or Border number. It is a very simple method, whichContinue Reading