Check Saudi Visa Status with Passport Number

KSA Visa Check by Passport Number

The applicants who want to check Saudi visa Status with passport number have reached the right place. This visa may be a visit visa, family visit visa, Umrah visa, or any other. We have also given here the procedure for a Saudi Arabia work visa check

. People also search it as ”KSA visa check by passport”. number

You can get accurate information about the visa stamping status by Enjaz visa checking by passport number. You have to do some simple steps on the Enjazit Website for this object.

Check Saudi Visa Status With Passport Number

The applicants belonging to any country including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh have to enter only their passport number to check Saudi visa status in this method. The system will let you know in seconds whether your visa is stamped or not.

The richest cities in Saudi Arabia

The only passport number is required to check Saudi visa status. So please follow these easy steps to check Saudi visa status with passport number.

  1. Open the Saudi foreign ministry website Enjazit with this direct link.
  2. Now change the language from Arabic to English from the option given at the top of the page.
  3. This page shows five boxes where you have to enter your data. Enter your passport number in the first box and then tick your visa type in the second box. It may be Resident, Hajj, Umrah, Transit or Diplomatic.
  4. The third box requires an image code and the fourth is about your nationality.
  5. In the fifth and last box, the system asks about the visa-issuing authority. you will select here the city where you have applied for the visa.

As the Enjazit website is used in this method, it is also known as ”Enjaz visa checking”. On the other hand, a group of ex-pats also calls it visa check by passport number.

Saudi visa status
  • After that click on the ”Search” button. The system will show your Saudi visa status on a new page. If this page is showing all visa details, your visa is issued. When the page shows an error message, it is an indication that your visa is not stamped yet. This is a common method to check Saudi visa status online, also known as ”Saudi Arabia visa check

Saudi Visa Check for E-Visa Applicants

Rather than Enjaz visa checking, there is another way for a Saudi visa check for E visa applicants. As you know, the Saudi e-visa facility is now available for almost all countries. The method to apply for a Saudi e-visa is so easy that anybody can adopt it. This link may be used to apply for an e-visa.

Friends remain careful when entering your email address during applying for a Saudi e-visa. Usually, the system takes one business day to process your e-visa application. You will get your e-visa by email.

If don’t receive an email

If you don’t receive an email regarding your Saudi e-visa, you have to wait for more two days. In rare cases, the responding time may be 3 business days. During this period, we suggest you check your ”Spam”, ”Junk”, ”Deleted”, and ”Archived” folders also. It is an essential part of the Saudi visa check process.

What to do after 3 days?


If you don’t receive any mail within 3 business days, you will have to adopt this Saudi visa check method.

Check Saudi Visa

Click on this link of the Saudi e-visa official website and fill up the ”Contact Us” form. The System will reply to You within 72 hours after the submission of this form.

Saudi work visa check with passport number

In routine, you can use the same procedure for the Saudi Arabia work visa check. Simply you will have to select ‘’Resident’’ in the visa category. If the given link does not work, you can adopt this procedure.

  • Open the home page of the Enjazit website with this link.
  • Change the language to English.
  • There will be a Query box on the right side of the page as shown in the image. Click on ”Searching for” and select ”Electronics Services”.
Saudi Visa check
  • Now enter your Application number, passport number, and captcha code.
  • Then click on ”Search” to check your Saudi visa status online.

A new page will show your Saudi visa status. You must confirm your visa category and application number there. In this way, you have completed the process of the Saudi Arabia work visa check.

alternate method for Saudi Arabia work visa check

Friends, if the above-stated methods and links don’t work, then you can use this procedure for Saudi Arabia work visa check.

  • Open the MOFA website directly by clicking on this link.
  • Change the language and enter the information asked in the relevant boxes as stated earlier.
  • Now click on Search and find your Saudi visa status.

Friends you can use all these methods to check your Saudi visa status online.

Urdu video for Guideline to Check Saudi Visa Status With Passport Number

Facts About Saudi Visa Check Online by Passport Number

The immigration rules have been tightened more due to the Saudization policy. However, the Hajj, Umrah, and visit visas are not affected only the acquisition of a Saudi work visa has become more difficult.

It is a fact that Saudi embassies don’t accept visa applications without complete documents. So usually when you check your Saudi visa status after submitting the application, the result shows positive.  The given websites normally don’t indicate an objection. It may be a time factor if your visa is not ready. Thus remain hopeful and positive during Saudi Arabia visa check or checking Saudi visa status. 

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Validity Of Saudi Visas

You can check the validity of different Saudi Visas from this table.

Type of VisaStay PeriodValidit of Visa
Tourist VisaMaximum 90-dayOne Year
Business Visa30 to 60 days6 months to 1 year
Family Visit Visa90 days30 to 90 days
Personal Visit Visa90 days3 Months
Saudi Work Visa6 Months without a residence permitOne Year
Hajj VisaTill Eid ul Zuha30 days
Umrah VisaUp to 1 month6 months without a residence permit

Final Words

Friends, we have explained everything about the procedure for checking Saudi visa status with the passport number. Most of the ex-pats remember it as ”Enjaz visa checking”. The methods for Saudi Arabia work visa check and Saudi Visa checks for E-Visa Applicants are also explained.

You can ask any question in the comment box given below if feel any confusion. We will try to respond immediately.



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  6. Going by the above approach, it showed me the visa details. But my visa was not stamped.
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