Easy way to Apply For UK Visa from Pakistan

UK visa from Pakistan

Apply For UK Visa From Pakistan

If you want to apply for UK visa from Pakistan, you must know that the UK has now introduced a standard visitor visa for all short-term visit categories like tourism, medical treatment, family visit, and business trip.

To apply for a UK visa, visit the official website, fill up online UK visa application form and take a print out after the submission of this form for further process. UK visit visa fee from Pakistan is 89 pounds which will have to deposit online on the same site.

UK Visa Appointment

Now make an appointment from the UK Visa Application Center (VFS global Pakistan) for UK visa Pakistan by calling on 0900-10411 or mobile phone 8865. Visit the center on your date, along with a Printed visa form and all supporting documents for your UK visa application.

VFS Global Pakistan Visa Centres

You are going to apply for a UK visa from Pakistan so let me tell you about VFS global Visa application centers. These are located in Lahore, Islamabad, Mirpur, and Karachi for the convenience of Pakistani applicants. The addresses are given below.

  • VFS Global Lahore: 20 Queens Road, opposite Gangaram Hospital Lhr.
  • VFS Global Islamabad: Park Road, Chattha Bakhtawar Chak Shahzad.
  • VFS Global Karachi: 43/1/D, Razi Road PECHS, Shahrah-e- Faisal.
  • VFS Global Mirpur: Nau Mahal Plaza, Near Foot Ball Square, Defense Road.

UK Visit Visa Application Centre

According to the appointment, you will visit the visa application center for UK visa Pakistan, where service charges will also be received. We are giving here the list of general documents, used for all Uk visas. Additional papers required for each category will be mentioned accordingly.

General Documents For UK Visa Application

  1. A print of UK visa form, submitted on the website)
  2. One passport size fresh Photo (with light blue background and size should be 45mm x 35mm).
  3. Valid Passport (Having a blank page for visa).
  4. An original ID card with a copy.
  5. TB diagnostic certificate in case of staying for more than 6 months.
  6. Receipt of UK visa fee.
  7. An envelope with postal address and tickets, in which documents will be returned.

NOTE: You will also provide a set of photocopies of all documents to apply for a UK visa from Pakistan. In the case of students, It is necessary to submit 2 photocopy sets.

UK Visa From Pakistan Interview

For a temporary UK visa from Pakistan, applicants are not called for an interview but in rare cases, they may be interviewed in British High Commission Islamabad in which the applicant had to prove his ability for the issuance of Uk visa Pakistan.

After Submission Of The UK Visa Application

Temporary Uk visa Pakistan application is usually decided in 15 days, but in case of rush in Lahore and Karachi centers, it may longer than a month. When there is any decision, the visa center intimates the applicant so that he/she can collect the passport.  Also read:  (UK  Farm Worker Visa)

Urgent UK Visa service

If anybody already has a UK visa on his passport at least one time in the past, there is a priority visa service for such candidates, their cases are decided in two days. It has an additional fee of Rs. 9,000. This option has to select when will fill up the UK visa application form on the website.

If the UK visa application is rejected

You have the right to appeal on UK visa from Pakistan refusal. If you believe that your case is very strong and this decision is absolutely wrong, you can file an appeal against it. You can get further advice from the Voluntary Organization, Immigration Advisory Service. This organization may file an appeal on your behalf. The organization’s address is given below.

Immigration Advisory Service
3rd Floor, Country House, 190 Great Dover Street,
London (SE1 4YB)
Ph: 004402088141559
Web: www.iasuk.org

UK visa refusal appeal will be submitted in UK High Commission Islamabad. Its decision may be in your favor if it is filed on strong ground. The address is as under

UK Border Agency Visa Application Center
British High Commission, diplomat Enclave
Ramna-5, P.O.Box: 1122, Islamabad.

During this process, compliance with poor service can also complain against the visa application center.

UK Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistani

If we talk about the UK visit visa requirements for Pakistani, the following additional documents are required to apply for a UK Visit visa from Pakistan.

  • If you are doing a job somewhere, an employment certificate containing leave approval, salary and all other details will be attached to the UK visa application.
  • Documentary evidence if you run your business, NTN, bank accounts, etc.
  • If have any property in your name, attach its documentation.
  • If the applicant is a student then a leave approval certificate is required.
  • A marriage certificate, wedding photos, and birth certificates are a must, if the applicant is married and has children.
  • Travel Plan.
  • An Original Bank statement is also required for UK Visa from Pakistan.
  • If the applicant wants to go to visit a relative, then attach his invitation and Photograph and passport copy.

You can apply for UK multiple visas of 2 to 10 years for business activities in the Kingdom. Its period will be decided by the visa officer according to the nature of the visit.

Strength to be shown for UK Visit Visa

You are eligible for UK Visa from Pakistan if you can prove the following points through documentation and arguments.

  • You just want to go on a vacation and your stay will be for 6 months or less.
  • You have sufficient resources for this tour.
  • During the visit, you will not do any work for a wage.
  • I will not take admitted to any educational course.
  • Will not take part in sports and performing arts.
  • Will not marry a British citizen.
  • Private therapies will not try to treat.
  • You have strong ties in your country, which will force you to come back before the expiry of the visa period. It may be a profitable business, your property, your family and anything else.

UK Visa Dubai

UK Visa Dubai is a term used by Pakistanis living in Dubai. Generally, the overseas Pakistanis working in UAE or any other country can apply for a UK visa from there. The requirements are the same, they will submit a copy of their resident paper (Iqama in case of Gulf countries), as additional documents.

If you want to apply UK Visa Dubai, the address of the UK Visa application center Dubai is here.

VFS Global Dubai
WAFI Mall, Level 3, Falcon, Phase 2, Umm Hurair 2 – Dubai – UAE
UK Visa application center Abu Dhabi

VFS Global Abu Dhabi

Shining Tower, Level 25, Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street, Adjacent to Khalidyah Mall, Abu Dhabi – UAE, P.O.Box 30023

Please take an appointment before visiting VFS Global Dubai or VFS Global Abu Dhabi. After making an appointment to collect your all the required documents according to the checklist.

UK medical Treatment Visa from Pakistan

UK embassy in Pakistan also issues medical treatment visa. The following documents are required for this type of visa.

  • A letter issued by an approved specialist doctor, carrying complete medical history and treatment details and a recommendation for further treatment in England.
  • Details of contact with a UK specialist and estimated expense for treatment.
  • Certificate of the doctor describing that your disease does not affect ordinary people in the UK.
  •  Documentary evidence of your ability to bear costs.
  • The company’s approval letter, if the applicant is an employee. Otherwise will have to provide business or property documents.
  • The documents required for the Visitor Visa (as mentioned earlier)

UK visa for general doctors and dental surgeons

The British government provides 6 months visa facility to foreign doctors to connect with their medical system. During this period, they are not allowed to take medical practice themselves and get any financial benefits from the govt. They will have to work as an associate doctor and understand the British medical system. Such doctors will be able to apply for a work permit after 6 months.

Eligibility for UK visa for Doctors

  •  Only qualified MBBS doctors and Dental surgeons are eligible.
  • The Doctors can Connect with the clinics in the UK or can work as dental observers.
  •  Who can provide documentary proof of experience?
  • They will have to go back to Pakistan after 6 months, where they will apply for a work permit.
    Note: To check your qualification, visit www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk

UK Student Visitor Visa

This category has been introduced for the students who want to get admission in 6 months of short courses in the UK, such as short Term English Language Courses.

Eligibility for UK Student Visitor Visa

  •  Pakistani students who desire to complete their course in a period of 6 months.
  • The course offering organization should be registered in the UK Education and Training Providers.
  •  Students must have to leave the UK after completion of the course.
  •  Applicants will not try for any job or business during the course or later.
  •  The student will not even try to get admission in a regular college/university.
  •  Students can meet the costs of living and courses easily.
  •  Have no child under 18 years.

UK Study visa from Pakistan

The British government has divided students into two basic categories for a study visa (more than 6 months). Child Student Visa is issued to 4 to 17 years old students. While students over 17 years, who tends to get admission in Bachelor’s or Master degree and Higher Education will be granted the adult visa.
Note: Under the Point-based System, Study Visa is called “Tier 4 General”. It is a must for applicants to get 40 points to apply.

How to apply for a UK study visa from Pakistan?

First of all, you will choose your course and then contact the relevant British educational institution. This college/university should have a license to teach international students.

  •  You will send your educational documents to the said institution and complete their terms.
  •  After paying the fee and other charges, the educational institution will issue your admission letter, also called a visa letter.
  • After getting a Visa Letter, you will apply for a UK study visa in Pakistan at the Uk visa application center. An appointment is necessary for this purpose.
stydy in UK

UK study visa Interview

UK embassy in Pakistan will call you for a visa interview after the submission of the visa application. It is compulsory for all students applying for a UK study visa from Pakistan. You are advised to take away the following necessary documents along with you.

  •  All original educational documents
  •  Original visa letter
  •  Bank statement showing that you have sufficient funds for the expenses of one year.
  •  If you are providing the bank statement of your father or any close relative, you will have to show their statement.
  •  If the applicant is married, the visa officer may demand a computerized Nikah Nama, a family registration certificate, and wedding pictures.
  •  If you have any property, keep its papers with you.

International graduates scheme

The graduates getting a degree from a British Academic Council approved institute can work in Uk for one year for the sack of experience under this scheme. Earlier this scheme was only for students of Science and Engineering, however, all the subjects are included now.
So the students completing their course in the past year can get this opportunity. They are bound to leave the country after one year.

UK Skilled worker visa (Tier-2 General)

A job offer from a UK company is the basic requirement for a UK worker visa. This firm will declare that no suitable staff at the local level is available for the said. The maximum three-year work permit will be issued in this category, which will be extendable.
Following is the division of numbers in Point based system for UK work visas.

  • i) – Educational and professional qualifications: 0 to 15 points
  • ii) – Future expected earnings: 0 to 20 points
  • iii)- Sponsorship: 30 to 50 points
  • iv)- English skills: 10 to 15 points
  • v)- Current bank balance: 0 to 10 points

You must have at least 50 points to apply for a UK work visa from Pakistan.

  • English skills require at least 10 points.
  • You could enter in UK 14 days before joining date.
  • You will not get state benefits.
  • You can not start a business.
  • Will be able to do part-time work up to 20 hours a week.
  • One month stay will be allowed in the case of termination from a job.

UK Visa Interview (General)

If you are applying for a UK visa from Pakistan, a visa interview is very important for you. You should keep it in your mind that most Visa Officers do not have a positive opinion about Pakistani applicants. In their view, the applications of most Pakistani citizens are not based on reality. According to them, our people often submit fake papers and try to cheat. Furthermore, there are a lot of examples that prove that most Pakistanis do not return to their country with due dates. They try to get married or apply for asylum in the UK. In the same way, many students start working instead of studying there.

So Visa Officers shall reject your visa application in case of any doubt. In this way, the UK visa interview may be a difficult task, if your story is not real. It is necessary for every applicant to assure the Visa Officer that he is completely eligible for a visa.

Suppose that you are a businessman, then you should have complete information about the relevant business. In the same way, students applying for study visas should have minimum language skills. It is also important to have the financial ability and basic education level.
Now we will discuss some common questions usually asked in the UK visa interview. , you may be asked:

What will you do?

* if you win a lottery in the UK
* If you get a good job or a beautiful woman offers a wedding there.

The purpose of such questions is to check your hidden intent. If you reply that I will take employment or marry a woman, it appears that you do not want to return in a given time frame. In this case, your UK visa application will be rejected.

On the other hand, most of the people complain that the Visa Officer did not ask any question nor look at any paper and refused to give a visa. This is just a misconception that Vigilance Visa Officers are fully trained and have vast experience. They can review a candidate at first glance and also know that the information given in the application or other papers is correct or incorrect. In some cases, their knowledge is more up to date than the local people. So they do not ask any question if they find you ineligible for a UK visa from Pakistan.

So never submit fake papers for visa and Prepare yourself for UK visa interview in advance. These steps will be helpful for interview preparation.

  •  Keep the visa officer’s concerns in your mind and prepare valid arguments to remove them.
  •  You should make a list of expected questions and answers.
  •  Papers accompanying the application, such as proof of your employment, should not be a counterfeit in bank statements and income tax records. Keep all the papers in a folder so that you can remain comfortable while presenting to the Visa Officer.
  •  Do not let panic talk at the time of the interview and be confident. Meet the visa officer with a smile on your face and talk look in his eyes while talking.
  •  Consider the time restriction.
  •  Be careful in dressing. It should be according to your occupation and your original personality.
  •  Your reply should be short and transparent and avoid the answer that is unnecessary.
  •  Show patience and good conduct during the interview. Do not interrupt the visa officer.
  •  If you could not understand any questions, feel free to ask for an explanation.
  •  You should be honest during the preparation of papers and interviews.
  •  Be ready to present documentary proof in reply to any question. For example, if the Visa Officer asks what work you do. If your answer is a job, then you can show him your holiday approval letter and any other document which reinforces your answer.
  • Friends, when you apply for a UK visa from Pakistan, you provide your all information to the embassy through visa form and other documents. Uk embassy in Pakistan saves this information in its database and staff checks this record every time when you apply for the visa. So you should not change your personal information without logic.
  •  Your get-up should be matched with your job. If you are a student, you must look like a student. If you are a department employee, your dress should be in accordance with your designation.

After getting a UK visa from Pakistan

When you got a UK visa from Pakistan, make sure that your data on the visa sticker is correct. specially check visa issuance and expiry dates more carefully. Contact the Embassy or Visa Appeal Center immediately in case of any error.

  •  While buying a ticket, remember that a four-month return ticket is cheaper than six-month. Also, check the rates of different travel agencies.
  •  Some travel agents try to provide travel insurance with a ticket for personal benefit. It is not compulsory in all cases and depends on the Embassy’s requirement.
  •  Travel cheques are more secure than cash during traveling. Keep the proof of issuance with you, so that you can get new in case of loss.
  •  If you use glasses, keep an extra piece with your number.
  • If you use any medicine regularly, also keep its stock in your bag.
  •  Change in air pressure in the airplane while landing can cause ears closure. The use of Chewing Gum is beneficial to avoid this problem.

UK visit visa fee from Pakistan

If you are applying for a UK visa from Pakistan and want to know the UK visit visa fee, you should know that the most common UK visa is 6 months standard visitor visa and its fee is ₨18,393. Similarly, two, five and ten years visa fees from Pakistan are ₨ 69,892, 126,813 and 159,146.
The UK visiting visa fee from Pakistan for child visitor are same as adults.

UK visit visa fee from Pakistan with priority

The UK visit visa fee from Pakistan with priority service is Rs 60,987. ₨18,393 is normal visa fee and Rs 42,594 are priority service charges. It is Rs 112,486 for two years visa, Rs 169,407 for five years and Rs 201,740 for ten years visa.

UK Business Visitors visa fee from Pakistan

UK business visa fee from Pakistan for six months is ₨18,393. If you ask for two, five and 10 years of business visas, it will be ₨ 69,892, ₨ 126,813 and ₨ 159,146.

UK Study visa fee from Pakistan

The UK Study visa fee from Pakistan for Tier 4 students is Rs 67,375. Similarly, the short-term student visa fee (up to six months) is fixed as Rs 18,780. If your visa is for 11 months course, the visa fee will be Rs 36,011. Other UK visa fees from Pakistan are as under.

UK medical treatment visa fee: RS 36,785.
UK marriage visitor visa fee: RS 18,393
UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa fee: Rs 197,674.
UK Tier 1 Investor visa fee: Rs 314,225.
UK Tier 2 General visa fee: Rs 118,101
Tier 2 ICT Graduate Trainee visa fee: Rs 93,319
UK transit visa fees for Pakistani: Rs 47,240

UK citizenship

You can get British citizenship by these three methods. “Life in UK test” is compulsory for all categories.

1)- After spending 5 years in the UK

This is the most common category that is called naturalization. For this category, applicants have to fulfill these conditions.

* Minimum age should be 18 years.
* Should be both Physically and mentally fit.
* Should have a good character.
* Can speak and understand the English language.
* Remain on the job while living in the UK.
* Should Complete 5 years of permanent residence in the UK.
* Should not spend more than 450 days out of UK during the 5-year stay.
* Should not be involved in any illegal activity or police case.

Note: UK citizenship case is normally decided in 6 to 7 months.

2)- UK citizenship through marriage

If you marry a British citizen, you can apply for citizenship after 3 years. Its other conditions are as under.

  • Have a permanent stay in the UK for 3 years.
  • Do not stay outside the UK for over 270 days and not more than 90 days last year.
  • Do not involve in any kind of police case in the UK.

3)- Business Scheme

If you have come to the UK on business visas and completed your 5 years stay, you can apply for permanent residence under this scheme. The fee is set to 950 pounds. (Read this article in Urdu)

Final Words

Friends, I think you have learned a lot from this article regarding applying for a UK visa from Pakistan. Now you can get your UK visa easily. If have a query, please ask by commenting. Our comment box available below this blog is waiting for your opinion.


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