prayer time in Abu Dhabi

[daily_salat_times] Abu Dhabi Latest Prayer time Before discussing prayer time in Abu Dhabi, everybody must know that Muslims say five prayers in a day. These prayers are named as Fajar, Dhuhur, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha. Muslim community fixes timing for every prayer according to the sunrise and sunset. Change inContinue Reading

Query Iqama Expiry Check

Query Iqama Expiry Check The procedure of Query Iqama Expiry Check has been Changed. Now you will have to visit the new official website ”www.Absher.Sa” instead of ”www.Moi.Gov.Sa” for iqama query. There is no need to worry, simply visit the new site by clicking on the link given below andContinue Reading

Saudi Arabia Ramadan 2020

Saudi Arabia Ramadan 2021 As the holy month of Ramadan has been begun in KSA, the nationals and ex-pats are looking for ”Saudi Arabia Ramadan 2021 timetable. If you are in Saudia, you must know that it is obligatory to take fast in the kingdom for all healthy Muslims. RulesContinue Reading

Traffic violations in KSA

MOI Traffic Violation MOI traffic violation or Query traffic violation are important topics for both ex-pats and locals residents in Saudi Arabia. International surveys reveal that Saudi roads are included in the most dangerous roads in the world. There is a very high percentage of road accidents, so officials try toContinue Reading