Check traffic violation Saudi Arabia number plate

We are going to explain here the easiest method to check traffic violation Saudi Arabia number plate. It is the need for every ex-pat who drives any vehicle in KSA.


As you know, due to the high rate of traffic violations and road accidents the traffic rules are being tightened. The camera system has increased the ratio of violation detections.

Now it is almost impossible to save yourself from the camera eye if you are going over speed or making any traffic violation in Saudi Arabia. On detecting, the MOI system sends an SMS on your registered cell number regarding this act.

Saher camera

Now, this violation is attached to your Iqama and you have to pay the f ine. For which you want to Check traffic violation Saudi Arabia number plate. You can check it in different ways; we are giving here the easiest procedure to perform on the Absher website or App. Every ex-pat can use it very easily.


Check traffic violation Saudi Arabia number plate

To check traffic violations with this method you need to have an account on the Absher site. If you are already not registered, you can create a new account with the guideline provided by the ‘’Absher’’. Many ex-pats also use their friend’s Absher login ID to check traffic violations Saudi Arabia number plate. Anyways, you have to follow these easy steps for this purpose.

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Complete Procedure

  • Step1: Click on this link to open the Absher website;
  • Step2: Change the language to English and click on the “Individuals’’ option.
Absher home
  • Step3: Now enter your ID or Iqama number, password and then Captcha code as shown.
absher login
  • Step4: On pressing the enter button, the system will send a one-time password on your cell which you have to put in the related box on the new page.
  • Step5: You have logged in to your account successfully. Now a new page will open, where you will select the “Traffic Violation Information” tab to check Traffic violation Saudi Arabia. You can get guidelines from this screenshot.
Check Traffic Violation Saudi Arabia Number Plate
  • Step6: As you click on the Traffic violation information option, a new screen will show you all the traffic fines. Here you can also watch Traffic violation ID, date of violation and fine amount, etc.
  • Step7: In spite of all these details, our required information is not provided yet. We want to check traffic violation Saudi Arabia number plate. Click on the option of ‘’More Details” to get this object.
  • Now it is done, a pop-up screen is showing all traffic violation details including the number plate of the vehicle.  
Check Traffic Violation Saudi Arabia Number Plate

Check Traffic Violation On MOI Website

You can also check traffic violations on the MOI website

for which you need only the text message sent by the MOI system regarding your violation.

Moreover, the phone call facility is also available to know the traffic violation ID. You will dial 011-292-8888 from your registered mobile. On getting a response, select language and enter Iqama number on the keypad of the cell phone. Your violation ID detail will be told by the voice machine.

Final Words about the way to check traffic violation Saudi Arabia number plate

Friends, you can easily check traffic violations Saudi Arabia number plate with all other details and also pay the fine.  It doesn’t matter how much fine is imposed on your violation and either it is attached to your Iqama or not. The things which matter are your safety and country’s repute. It must be your first priority to save both as an ex-pat. So feel your responsibilities and never compromise on it.

you may ask any question in the comment box given below, in case of any difficulty. Allah Hafiz, stay blessed.



  1. I am the driver of the company .if To me traffic fined on company car how can i check Or will the company tell me .Can I own a company car traffic fine Check can do Or not


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