Dubai postal code

Dubai Zip Code

Like Dubai postal code, Dubai Zip Code is ‘’00000’’ and the fact behind this number is the same. So if anybody asks you the zip code of Dubai you can advise him to write five zeros as a symbolic effect.


Facts About Zip Code of Dubai

After explaining the Facts behind Dubai postal and zip codes, no rocket Science left behind the Zip Code Dubai. Only the important thing to know is to‘’ make sure that you have written the correct Makani Number while entering your postal address”.

Friends, you also can use the Dubai Central Postal Code that is 337-1500, Mumtaz Speed Postal Code that is 337-1243, and Jumeirah Postal Code that is 337-1500 instead of Dubai Postal and Zipcode accordingly.

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Dubai Postal Code

You want to know Dubai Postal code to use it in a postal address or legal document. Well, but what will your response if we ask you to write ‘’00000’’ as the Postal code of Dubai. Of course, it is an astonishing fact that there is no postal or zip code for any State of UAE.

Facts about Postal Code Dubai

According to the UAE postal system, every building of Dubai has its own ‘’Makani Number’’ instead of the city or state’s postal code. This number is mandatory to write with every address either used for postal delivery or for any other purpose. If you write Makani’s number on any packet it must be delivered to that specific building.

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So as a result of this fact, Dubai central post office advises writing the Postal code of Dubai as ‘’00000’’ where it is essential.

  • Bur Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Bur Dubai zip code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai postal code: 00000
  • Deira Dubai zip code: 00000
  • Deira postal code: 00000
  • Abu hail postal code: 125212 (Pin code)
  • Al nahda postal code: 98623
  • Al nahda zip code: 98623

Abu Dhabi Postal Code

Abu Dhabi Postal Code is also a famous query but there is no Postal code for Abu Dhabi like Dubai. You will simply write N/A or 00000.

So we can say,, the Abu Dhabi postal code is 00000”. Abu Dhabi zip code is also the same i.e, 00000.

Abu Dhabi Postal Code00000
Abu Dhabi Zip Code00000

Dubai Central Post Office

Dubai central post office deals with the Postal and zip codes system. This system suggests using PO Box numbers in case of Business addresses and posts. Like companies, individuals also can get a PO box for receiving their post safely. Its registration fee is AED 70 and you will have to pay AED 250 every year as an annual fee.  

Dubai zip code

Sharjah Zip Code

Sharjah zip code and Sharjah postal code are being searched by the local citizens and the foreigners. Actually, there is no postal code for Sharjah. Its exact answer is given below.

Sharjah Postal Code00000
Sharjah Zip Code00000

UAE Postal Code

United Arab Emirates is known due to its international city Dubai also called global a city. It is an intersting fact that the 70% population of UAE consists of foreigners. They need UAE Postal Code for corresondence because they dont’ know that UAE has no postal code. So we can say that the Postal code of UAE is 00000.

UAE Zip Code

You can write NIL infront of UAE zip code in any form or envelope. In search engines, you may find the zip code of UAE is 00000. Both the answers are correct.

UAE Postal Code00000
UAE Zip Code00000

Requirements for PO Box in Dubai

PO Box is the best alternative to the Dubai postal code or Dubai zip code and Makani number. You can get it by meeting these requirements.

  • Fill up the prescribed application form available at Dubai central post office.
  • Copy of your passport and Emirates ID should be attached with the application.
  • 2 Passport size photos are also required.

You can also apply online for PO Box on the Official Website of Emirates Post


PO Box Numbers Of UAE States

  • Dubai PO Box Number: 333388
  • Abu Dhabi PO Box Number: 111188
  • Al-Ain PO Box Number: 222288
  • Deira PO Box Number: 444488
  • Sharjah PO Box Number: 555588
  • Ajman PO Box Number: 666688
  • Umm Al Quwain PO Box Number: 777788
  • Fujairah PO Box Number: 888888
  • Ras Al Khaimah PO Box Number: 999988
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Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask these questions about UAE Postal and zip codes. So we have given here along with the answers.

  • Q)– What is the Postal code of Dubai?
  • Answer: According to the Dubai central post office, the Postal code of Dubai is ‘’00000’’.
  • Q)– What is the Zipcode of Dubai?
  • Answer: The answer is the same, 00000.
  • Q)– What is the Abu Dhabi Postal code?
  • Answer: Very simple, the Postal code of Abu Dhabi may also be written as ‘’00000’’.
  • Q)– What is the Zip code of Abu Dhabi?
  • Answer: It is also ‘’00000’’.
  • Q)– What is Sharjah Postal code?
  • Answer: You can use ‘’00000’’ as the postal code of Sharjah.
  • Q)– What is the Zip code of Sharjah?
  • Answer: Like other cities of UAE Sharjah also have no postal and zip code. You can use the same Penta zeros.

Final Words

Friends, there is no doubt that the Postal codes make the postal system easy and used in most countries. But UAE Post uses Makani Number instead. So always use five zeros as Dubai postal code and Dubai zip code where it is necessary.

All the complications existing related to this topic have been removed in our view. However, you (readers) have the power of decision and your opinion is much important for us. So express your views about this blog by commenting below.


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