You are an Expat and have a UAE residence visa but don’t know the secrets hidden behind the numbers printed on your visa. It may be UAE visa number, unified number UAE and File Number, etc. We are going to provide you with the complete relevant information in this blog.


Every ex-pat must know that the GDRFA (general directory of residency and foreign affairs) is responsible for visa-related services whereas the ICA (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) processes the Emirates ID applications.

Unified Number UAE

You can see the ”Unified Number UAE” also known as UID number at the top of the visa. This 9 digits number is required to complete the Emirates ID applications. Hence It is related to Federal authority for identity and citizenship records. Your UID number never changes in UAE even that visa is canceled and you apply for the new one. You may get a new visa number but the UID number will remain the same.

UID Number UAE

If your UID number is missing on the visa, and only Emirates ID number is available. In this situation, you can find it through the below link. You must have your passport information or file number at the moment.

File Number in UAE Visa

The second number printed on the visa page is the call file. It carries more information such as visa number, the name of emirates that issued the visa, the year in which the visa was issued, and the sponsor’s details. Let’s check it in detail.

Read the first three digits carefully, they show the name of the visa issuing Emirates. If it starts with 101, the visa is issued by Abu Dhabi. In the same way, 201 is used for Dubai, 301 for Sharjah, and 401 for Ajman.

Abu Dhabi101Dubai201
Ajman401 Sharjah301

The next number reflects the year in which the visa is issued, if you are working with the same sponsor for years, this year’s code will remain the same upon renewal. It will be only updated in case of the issuance of a new visa.

UAE file number

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How to Find UAE Visa Number?

You can find your UAE visa number in the last part of the file number printed on your visa. If someone asks to enter your visa number, you will write this number. You can get some more important information from visa numbers by knowing the points given below.

  • The visa number starting with 2, shows that it is an employment visa issued by a registered company.
  • If visa number starts with 3, it is a family visa also known as spouse visa.
  • There will be a forward slash sign (/) after the number 2 or 3 in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah’s visas. It will show the category of visa if it is employment visa or family visa.
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UAE Visa Number

Miscellaneous Information

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th part of the residence visa carries your personal data like Name, passport number, profession, name of sponsor/company along with the visa issuing and expiry dates.

A barcode for an e-scan is printed at the bottom of your residence visa. You can also see the signatures of the director of residency and foreign affairs on the bottom right.

How to Check Fine on Emirates ID

Check Unified Number UAE With Passport Number (Video Turorial)

If you are on a visit visa and want to register yourself for Green Pass, You will need UID Number for this purpose. You can get the unified number UAE with your passport number only with the help of this video tutorial.

Final Words

Friends, you have learned here, how to find UAE visa number, file number, and unified number UAE in an interesting way. It’s so simple but you may ask any question regarding this topic by commenting in the comment box given below.


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