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Jeddah postal code

when we write a postal address, we need a five-digit code which is known as Postal Code or ZIP code. If you are in Jeddah then it will be Jeddah postal code. A layman may call it “postal code Jeddah”. Internationally, this system was introduced in 1963 by US postal service. ZIP is the abbreviation of the Zone Improvement Plan.

ZIP Code system was started to improve the quality of Postal service. In modern postal services, it is set for organizations that receive mail in bulk or high numbers. We are giving here Jeddah postal code on top because it is used more than other cities codes.

If you are asked to write Jeddah postal code or “postal code Jeddah”, you can copy it from below.

  • Jeddah Postal Code: 21577
  • Postal Code Jeddah: 21577

Jeddah ZIP Code

Jeddah zip code and postal codes are the same. So if someone asks you about Jeddah zip code. you can write it as:

  • Jeddah ZIP Code: 21577
  • ZIP Code Jeddah: 21577

saudi arabia postal code


Riyadh Postal Code

Riyadh Postal Code is also called “Postal Code Riyadh” in Saudi Arabia. So we are writing it in both forms. As Riyadh is the capital city, its postal code is used more on international level correspondence.

  • Riyadh Postal Code: 11564
  • Postal Code Riyadh: 11564

Riyadh ZIP Code

Although postal and zip codes are the same, yet in some documents, Riyadh zip code is published instead of “Riyadh Postal Code”. So it may be written as:

  • Riyadh ZIP Code: 11564
  • ZIP Code Riyadh: 11564

Makkah Postal Code

Makkah Postal Code has unique importance because Makkah is the center of the Muslims of the whole world. As the house of Allah “Khana Kaba” is situated there, every Muslim wish to visit Makkah as well as Madina. Millions of Muslims visit this city for the sack of Umrah and Hajj every year. So it is the most important city and the use of Makkah Postal code or Makkah zip code is common. (Also read: Umrah Visa requirements)

  • Makkah Postal Code: 21514
  • Makkah ZIP Code: 21514

saudi post

Madinah Postal Code

Madinah is the city of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) all millions of Muslims visit this holy city. They use Madinah Postal Code or Madinah zip Code in there documents like local citizens of Saudi Arabia.

  • Madinah Postal Code: 20012
  • Madinah ZIP Code: 20012

Dammam Postal Code

Dammam is the capital and largest city of  Saudi’s Eastern Province. It is also known as the administrative center of the oil industry of KSA. Due to its major role in the Saudi economy, Dammam Postal Code and Dammam zip code are used in a wide range. These are given as under:

  • Dammam Postal Code: 31433
  • Dammam ZIP Code: 31433

Khobar Postal Code

Khobar is also a big city of Eastern province with almost 2 Million population. This is the city of oil companies and workers having 50 KM distance from King Fahd international airport. Khobar postal code and zip code are much important in the correspondence of international oil companies working in the kingdom.

  • Khobar Postal Code: 31952
  • Khobar ZIP Code: 31952

Taif Postal Code

Taif is a historical city of province Makkah. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) spend a lot of time here in the preaching of Islam. It is the fifth-largest city of Saudi Arabia with a total population of 12 lac. The people who want to know the Taif postal code or Taif zip code can get it from this passage. It is given as under:

  • Taif Postal Code: 21431
  • Taif ZIP Code: 21431

Khamis Postal Code

Khamis Mushait is a city of ASIR province of KSA. It has a population of 13 lac and situated 884 KM away from the capital Riyadh. A large number of expats lives in this city. We are giving here Khamis postal and zip code for their convenience.    (Also see: Iqama expiry check red green )

  • Khamis Postal Code: 61961
  • Khamis ZIP Code: 61961

Sakaka Postal Code

Sakakah is the capital of Al Jawf Province of KSA. It is a small city with 3 lac population but expanding now due to the development work. The construction work is going on rapidly in the city on the order of crown prince. Prince Muhammed Bin Abdul Aziz Medical City is the largest project of the series. This complex has a hospital of one thousand beds. This city is also known due to Al Jouf University.

  • Sakaka Postal Code: 75471
  • Sakaka ZIP Code: 75471

Najran Postal Code

Najran is a Saudi city near the border of Yemen and is on fire nowadays due to the Yemen war. More than five lac Saudis live in Najran. You can use Najran postal code by copying from below.

  • Najran Postal Code: 61441
  • Najran ZIP Code: 61441

Postal code of Yanbu

At the end of this list, we are talking about Yanbu, which is a city of Province Al Madinah and is a red seaport. It consists of approximately two lac population. A large number of expatriates is included who work in the oil industry of Saudia.  (Also read: Riyal to PKR)

  • Postal code of Yanbu: 30799
  • Zip code of Yanbu: 30799

Postal Regions of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Post has divided the country into eight regions, based on administrative units. These postal regions are as under.

Arriyadh Region, Makkah Region, Eastern province Region, Madinah and Tabuk Region, Qassim and Ha’il Region, Asir, Najran, and Baha Region, Northern Borders, and Jawf Region and last postal region of KSA is Jizan.

Saudi Postal sectors

Saudi Post divides Each postal region into postal sectors for better working. The maximum post sectors maybe 8 sectors in numbers. The number of sectors starts from 2 instead of one, so the highest sector number will be nine. The first number is given to the capital of the region in routine. Saudi Post issues even numbers to the south sectors and odd to the northern.

postal branches

Furthermore, the postal sector is divided into a maximum of 8 postal branches. One number branch is used for governmental and exceptional services. You can observe that the borders of the postal branches in Saudi Arabia are highways or main roads.
Similarly, the branches to the west of the axis point are given odd numbers while the branches to the east have even numbers.

saudi tickets

Postal Divisions

Saudi Post has further divided Postal branches into divisions, which may nine in numbers. This division is according to main roads and streets. Coding of postal divisions is based upon the nearest division to the axis of the division.

Postal Squares

Then each postal section is divided into squares of maximum size 4×4 km². On the other hand, the low-density urban zones have an area of 2×2 km² while high-density and populated urban zones are of 1×1 km² size.

History of Postal Codes

If we talk about the history of Post Codes, its advancement reflects the expanding multifaceted nature of postal conveyance as population developed and the assembled condition turned out to be more unpredictable. This happened first in extensive urban communities. Postal codes started with postal area numbers inside modern cities. London was first subdivided into 10 areas in 1857, and Liverpool in 1864.

By World War I, such postal area or zone numbers existed in different expansive European urban communities. They existed in the United States at any rate as ahead of schedule as the 1920s, perhaps executed at the nearby mail station level just (for instance, examples of “Boston 9, Mass” in 1920 bore witness to, in spite of the fact that they were clearly not utilized all through all real US urban communities (actualized all-inclusive) until second World War.

The name of US postal codes, “Postal divisions”, shows it transformative development from a zoning plan to a zone enhancement plan, “ZIP”. Present-day postal codes were first presented in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in December 1932, yet the framework was deserted in 1939. The following nation to present postal codes was Germany in 1941, trailed by Singapore in 1950, Argentina in 1958, the United States in 1963 and Switzerland in 1964.

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