Query Iqama Expiry service

The procedure of Query Iqama Expiry Service has been Changed. Now you will have to visit the new official website ”www.Absher.Sa” instead of ”www.Moi.Gov.Sa” for an iqama query.

Query Iqama Expiry Service

There is no need to worry, simply visit the new site by clicking on the link given below and follow our guidelines. The whole procedure will remain almost the same as the ”Moi site”.


In this way, you can check Iqama expiry date, as well as Query Iqama Expiry Check and other related matters on the same Absher website easily. The first thing required to check Iqama expiry status is your ten-digit  Iqama or residence Permit number. You can find it easily from Iqama or Residence Permit. Write down this number, now you are able to check the date of Iqama expiry.

Complete Method for Query Iqama Expiry Check

Follow these steps to check Iqama expiry date or iqama query with the new method.

  • First Of All, You Have To Open the Absher Website To Check Iqama Expiry Status By Clicking On This Link: www.Absher.Sa
  • ”Business” and ”Individuals” are two options that will be shown on the home page. You will click on Individuals.
  • change the language from Arabic to English on opening the new page.
check iqama expiry date
  • Now you can see the login page, You have to enter your Iqama number in your User ID, then the password of your Absher account and the image code as shown there.
Query Iqama Expiry Check
  • Friends you will have to create an account on Absher for Query Iqama Expiry Check. If you have not created your account yet, you may use the ”Absher account” of any friend. You can know the procedure by watching this video.
  • When you click on the login button, the system will send a verification code to your mobile phone. Enter this code in the required box. Now you can see your account.
  • You can find the option of ” Query Iqama Expiry Service” below the page. You will click on this option.
Iqama expiry
  • On opening a new page, enter your ten-digit iqama number and image code, which is shown below in the box.
  • Now you can view your Iqama expiry Status by clicking on the “view” button.

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Important Points about Iqma Query

  1. You can check the Iqama Query on the Absher App by the same procedure. Install the Absher App by this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sa.gov.moi&hl=en
  2. Also, keep in mind that this portal shows your iqama expiry date in YYYY/MM/DD format in Hijra Calendar. You can convert Hijri Date to any other format with the help of Google.
  3. You can check the Iqama Status of any friend from your account.

Iqama Validity Check In KSA With And Without Absher

Note: Some people complain that their Iqama duration in the Abshar account is incorrect. It does not match with the Aljawazat system, due to which they have to face difficulty in some cases.

Such people can know their exact Iqama expiry date from this official website. They can fulfill their government matters by conforming to their Iqama expiry Status.

It is a fact that the Saudi post demands the exact Iqama duration to update the national address. The post office website does not proceed without the Iqama expiry check.

About Iqama

You need a residence permit to live in any country, it is Iqama in the Saudi language. Of course, an employment visa is necessary for it. If someone wants to work or study in Saudi Arabia, he/she will have to get Iqama to live there. It may be valid for one or two years and for five years in specific cases.

The Iqama is not necessary only for those who want to work there, but for everyone who wants to stay there for two months, for ten months, or even for ten years. it is as important as a residence permit for other countries. So a person who works there, if he wants to call his wife to stay there with him, he will have to get Iqama for her, as well as a visa. It is necessary not only for the wife but also in the case of children.

Benefits Of Iqama

There are a lot of benefits of Iqama. The foreign worker can open a bank account in Saudi Arabia if it has a valid Iqama. They also can apply for a visa of any country by showing it as a travel document. You can use it for treatment in hospitals and for many other purposes in Saudi Arabia.


FAQ About Iqama Expiry Status

  • Q: What is Iqama?
  • Ans: Every ex-pat needs a residence permit to stay for work in Saudi Arabia. It is Iqama in Arabic.
  • Q: What is the Iqama expiry date in Saudi Arabia?
  • Ans: The Saudi authorities issue Iqama for a specific time period that is Iqama validity. The last date of validity is ”Iqama Expiry”.
  • Q: How can I check my Iqama expiry date without Absher?
  • Ans: You can check your Iqama expiry status by two methods, with Absher or without Absher. Both are available in this blog.
  • Q: What is the penalty for expired Iqama?
  • Ans: If your Iqama is found expired, you will be charged a fine of 500 Riyal per day. Officials also can deport or send you to Jail After a week in addition. However, they allow a grace period of 3 days after the expiry date.
  • Q: How early can Iqama be renewed?
  • Ans: Iqama can be renewed before 90 days of its expiry.

Final Words

Friends, If You Want More Information about Query Iqama Expiry Service, Iqama Status, Iqama query, Iqama expiry check, or Any Other Relevant Topic, You Can Visit Our YouTube Channel Known As “Visa Guide”.



  1. is the Saudi Iqama checking still working? Nowadays I am in Pakistan and I am trying to open it from 1 week but it’s not opening what can be the issue? I have to check my iqama expiry can you help in it?

    1. Author

      Dear Ijaz, it is working in Saudi Arabia. So you can use VPN to use it in Pakistan.

  2. plz check kesy hu gaya koi website open nhai hu rhai

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