kafeel name on Iqama

You can check Kafeel name on Iqama with different methods, we are giving here the two simplest ways. These procedures remain functional every time. Our guideline will make iqama transfer status-checking


Check Kafeel name on Iqama with Absher

Sometimes, ex-pats have to change their job, company, and Kafeel as well. They apply for the transfer of sponsorship for this purpose. When this process is completed, the name of Kafeel will be changed in the record of the Labor Ministry and the Ministry of Interior. To know whether the sponsorship is transferred or not, they check Kafeel name on Iqama with the help of Absher. This process is also used to check the iqama transfer status.

This procedure is so simple; you just need your Absher account to perform it. If you are not still registered on Absher, you can create your account with the help of this video tutorial. So let’s start the process.

Step1: Open the Absher portal by clicking on this link: https://absher.sa

Step 2: Enter your user ID/Iqama number, password, and the captcha code to log in. Now check your registered mobile inbox and get the authentication code sent by the Absher system.

Step 3: Then enter this code into the required box and click on Login to check your Iqama transfer status.

Step 4: Your account is open, now click on your name and picture appearing on the page.

Step 5: It is time to click on “Dashboard” showing in the drop-down list.

Step 6: By clicking on Dashboard, a new page will be open. The information regarding your account is available on the left side of the page. You have to click on the ‘’More details’’ option for Iqama to check kafeel name.

iqama check kafeel name

Final Step: Now you can see another new page of personal information, as its pic is given below. Your sponsor’s name is shown here with many other details like date of birth, country, ID number, Job category, Martial status, religion, etc.


iqama check kafeel name procedure

Friends, it was the easy method to Check Kafeel’s name on Iqama. If Kafeel’s name is changed, it means your sponsorship transfer has been done successfully. Otherwise, the case is under process and you have to wait for its completion.

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Second Method:

This method is used to check Iqama transfer status through Labor office services. As a result, the new Kafeel name is also shown. So this procedure is also used to check Kafeel’s name on Iqama. Only your Iqama number is required for this simple operation. Please follow these steps for ‘’Iqama check kafeel name’’.

  1. Open the Labor Ministry website with this link:  https://www.mol.gov.sa/Services/Inquiry/LaborOfficeServicesInquiry.aspx
  2. You will be able to see the drop-down menu, select an option in Arabic from here because the English version is not given on the site. So click on نقل خدمة عامل وافد.   
  3. Now you can see a new tab where you have to enter your Iqama number in the required field.
  4. It is the last step, in which you can check your Iqama transfer status after entering the verification code, as shown on your computer screen. The process is completed successfully. You then check your new Kafeel name if the Iqama transfer is done. Otherwise, the old sponsor’s name will show.

So, friends, we have elaborated on the two methods to Check Kafeel’s name on Iqama and to check your Iqama transfer status. Both are simple and easy; we recommend trying the Absher method first. If unfortunately, it does not work then you should try the second for Iqama check kafeel name. Moreover, our comment box is available for your queries. You will be answered as soon as possible.


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