How Many Sim on My Iqama?

The Expats who want to know ‘’How to check how many sim on my iqama” can get their answer here. People also search this topic as ‘’how to check mobile number registered under my iqama’’.


Communications and Information Technology Commission(CITC) provides you a service titled “My Numbers Service’’ absolutely free. All the ex-pats and nationals of Saudi Arabia may check how many sim on their iqama or ID. You can also check it through your mobile. So we are elaborating here both procedures for your convenience.

How to Check How Many Sim on My Iqama?

You can check the number of sims registered under your Iqama in seconds by adopting one of the methods given below. You have to simply follow a few steps to check ‘’how many sim on my iqama’’.

1)- Check Sims Under Your Iqama With your Mobile

Users for different mobile companies can check the total number of their sims by sending text messages. Codes are given below in the table.

Company NameTextWhere to Send
Sawa, STC Type 9988 in the text boxSend to 900
Mobily Blank616166
Virgin Mobile Blank309985
LebaraType ”ID”Send to 1755
MVNOType ”ID”1755

In response to your message, the mobile company’s system will send you a text containing the total number of sims registered on their network in your name.

Suppose that you are a user of STC, you will type 9988 in the text box and send it to 900. The company will reply to you in no time by sendig a text. You will find there the answer to your quey, how many sim on my Iqama.


2)- Check Sims Under Your ID by CITC Site

  • Open the CITC site by clicking on this direct link:

How to Check How Many Sim on My Iqama
  • Now you can change the language from Arabic to English by clicking on the button shown on the left side top. The exact location is shown in the screenshot.
  • Then enter your Iqama number in the box of ‘’ID number’’. The Saudi nationals will type their ID number here.
sims on iqama
  • Give your date of birth in the next box.
  • You can see the box of ‘’Mobile Number’’ below. Type here your mobile number or check on the ‘’I do not have mobile number’’ option.
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  • Then fill the captcha and click on the ‘’Search’’ button.

Iqama Validity Check With Latest Method

The procedure has been completed, now the system will show you the number of sims registered under your iqama in a few seconds.

Procedure for Deactivation of a Sim

If you find a sim that is not in your use, you must complain to your service provider for its deactivation. The customer center numbers of know companies are given below for your convenience.

Mobily: 1100

Zain: 959

STC: 900

Virgin: 1789

Friendi: 166000

You can also launch your complaint online by using this link;

Final Words:

Friends, we have guided you step by step regarding your query ‘’How to check how many sims on my iqama”. If you may ask any question by commenting below if find any confusion.


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