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Pakistani Passport online renewal

Friends, Pakistani passport online renewal is possible while living inside or outside Pakistan. We are elaborating on the whole procedure in an easy way here. Guidelines regarding applying for a new passport and passport fee Pakistan 2020 are also given.

Requirements for Pakistani passport online renewal

To renew your Pakistani Passport online, you should have these papers and apparatus.

  • Valid Identity Card
  • Expired or maximum 7-months valid passport
  • Passport-size photo with white background
  • Credit or debit visa/Master card
  • Computer/laptop with internet connection
  • Color Scanner and Printer
  • Fingerprint/stamp pad
passport renewal

The procedure for Pakistani passport online renewal

  1. First of all, visit the official website of NADRA. Create a new account for Pakistani passport online renewal. The system will send you a verification mail after the creation of the account. Then you will have to follow these steps.
  2. Log in to your account. Then the page of terms and conditions will be shown. You have to click on “agree” after reading all points.
  3. Now the next page will be opened where you have to add your data. Then after completing this page you will click on “next”.
  4. On the next page, you have to fill up ten boxes like I.D card number and passport type. The nearest Pakistani embassy will also have to mention so that you may be called in case of any confusion.
  5. You will be asked for the delivery address on the next page. After entering the address, the passport renewal fee including delivery charges will appear on the screen. Calculate fee and click on “next”.
  6. This page is for Passport fee payment through a credit or debit card.
  7. On the completion of the payment procedure, a message will be received both by SMS and Email.
  8. Now when you will click on “next”, an error message may be shown. Don’t worry, simply click on “back to the login” and log in again. Then click on tracking I.D in an existing application.
  9. You may proceed after opening the previous page. Here you have to enter your personal information. Your e-mail ID and cell number provided here will be used for the delivery. So be careful while entering these numbers.
  10. The next page will be about your permanent address in Pakistan. It will be filled automatically according to the NADRA database.
  11. Now the page regarding relatives’ information will be shown. Read this info and click on “next”.
  12. Now you have to scan and upload your photo. The already scanned photo is also valid.
  13. Then you will upload scanned copies of your old passport and ID card.
  14. Now by clicking on next, a form will be downloaded to your system. Get its print and place your fingerprints in the required boxes with the help of a stamp pad.
  15. Scan this form and upload it to the system. After completing it, the complete application will be shown on the screen for review. Check all the information given in the application and check the four boxes of declaration. Now you will again click on “Next”.

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The procedure of Pakistani passport online renewal is completed and its message is showing on the screen as ” Application submitted successfully”.

Passport Renewal Fee

You can check the passport renewal fee from the table given below.

Pakistani E-Passport Fee

Passport Renewal Fee For 5 Years Validity

Category         Fee Service ChargesTotal (without taxes)
Normal (36P)Rs3,000/-Rs 2500 (+ Tax)Rs 5,500/-
Urgent (36P)     Rs 5,000/-  do Rs 7,500/-
Normal(72P)   Rs 5,500/-  do Rs 8,000/-
Urgent(72P)      Rs 9,000/- do Rs.11,500/-
Normal(100P)  Rs 6,000/-  do Rs 8,500/-
Urgent(100P)   Rs 12,000/- do Rs 14,500/-

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Passport Renewal Fee For 10 Years

Category         Fee Service ChargesTotal (without taxes)
Normal (36P)Rs 5400/-Rs 2500 (+ Tax)Rs 7900/-
Urgent (36P)     Rs 9,000/-  do Rs 11500/-
Normal(72P)   Rs 9900/-  do Rs 12400/-
Urgent(72P)      Rs 16200/- do Rs 18700/-
Normal(100P)  Rs 10800/-  do Rs 13300/-
Urgent(100P)   Rs 21600/- do Rs 24100/-

Friends, an e-mail will also be sent to you regarding the submission of the application. Then after three or four days, you will receive another e-mail intimating that your application for Pakistani Passport online renewal has been approved and forwarded for the next process. You can relax now, as within a month your new Pakistani passport will be sent to your address.

New Pakistani Passport

A Pakistani passport is required when you intend to travel outside Pakistan. There is no doubt, it is the identification of every Pakistani. Every citizen can get it at the age of 18 after the completion of the national identity card process. The procedure to apply for a new Passport and Pakistani Passport online renewal is available here.

The Directorate General of Immigration & Passports issues machine-readable Pakistani passports of three types which are Diplomatic, Official, and Ordinary Passports. This facility is available in all regional passport offices and Pakistani embassies.

Passport Offices in Pakistan

There are 156 passport offices in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit to collect applications for Pakistani Passport. The break up of this total is as under:

  • Passport offices in Islamabad: 02
  • Punjab: 50
  • Passport offices in Sindh: 26
  • K.P.K: 28
  • Passport offices in Baluchistan: 28
  • Azad Kashmir:11
  • Passport offices in Gilgit Baltistan:09
  • Fata: 02

Passport office Islamabad

If you are searching for “passport office Islamabad” to get your Pakistani Passport, you may find two offices in the capital city that are serving citizens. The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports is also there. The first one is the regional Islamabad Passport office from where people can get a passport as per routine with ordinary service. Its location is:
Markaz G 10, 13-C, Al-Hussain Plaza. For contact: 051-9239308

Islamabad Passport Office Timings

Passport office Islamabad Timings are 9:00 am to 5:00 PM, however, applications for a Pakistani passport are being received till 13:00 PM. You should try to reach there before 9 am to complete the application process.

Executive passport office Islamabad

Executive Passport Office Islamabad is the Second passport office of the capital city where one window service is available. Citizens of the capital enjoy good service and a better environment there. There are no long queues and you can save your time by paying a little bit extra for convenience.

Executive passport office Islamabad also provides home delivery service. The address is as under:
19A Pak Plaza, Fazal e Haq Road Blue Area, Islamabad.

Passport fees

Passport office Lahore

When we talk about the passport office in Lahore, it is satisfactory that there are four offices. You may visit your nearest one to get your Pakistani Passport. The addresses of these offices are as under:

Passport office Lahore 1: 15 A, Abbott Road, near Police Station Qila Gujar Singh. (Phone:042-9201997-9201916)

passport office Lahore 2: 4-A, Sher Shah Block, New Garden Town Lhr. (Phone:042-9201836)

passport office Lahore 3: Bar Council office, Lahore High Court
Office Lahore 4: Saeed Park, near Ravi Toll Plaza, Shahdara.

Requirements for Pakistani Passport

Every Pakistani citizen having CNIC is eligible for a Pakistani Passport. Even their underage children also can get passports on the basis of NADRA Form B.

Now after the computerization of all records, the only requirement for a Pakistani passport is your NADRA issued Identity Card. In the case of underage children, it will be From B and CNICs of parents.

Procedure to apply for Pakistani Passport

If you want to get your first ever Pakistani passport, you will have to visit the regional passport office in your home District according to your permanent address given in the ID card. You will have to follow these steps.

Step 1: Before visiting the passport office, you have to deposit passport fees at the National Bank of Pakistan.

Passport challan form

A prescribed passport challan form is available for paying the Passport fee in the National bank. This form is now available in green color. passport fee challan form is free but Bank will charge Rs 30 as a deposit fee.


Step 2: After depositing the passport fee, you will visit the passport office before 1:00 PM with your original ID card plus two photocopies and bank receipt. A token will be issued on the first counter on your turn.

Step 3: On the second counter, your picture will be taken.

Step 4# Then you will reach on the biometric portion for fingerprints.

5# Now an official will check your data record. This person will provide you with a print of your data record. You have to sign this paper after reading it carefully.

Step 6: Now Assistant Director will ask some questions from you and receive the date paper along with ID card copies and bank receipt.

Congratulations, you have completed the passport application procedure. You can get your ordinary passport after 10, while urgent in 4 days by showing your token receipt.

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Passport Fee in Pakistan

If you want to get a new Pakistani passport for 5 or 10 years, the new Passport fee in Pakistan will be as under:

Normal36 5 Rs 3,000
DoDo10Rs 4500
DoDo10RS 7500
Normal 725Rs.55,00
DoDo10RS 8250
Urgent 725Rs.9,000
DoDo10RS 13500
DoDo10 RS 9000
DoDo10RS 18000

For Lost Passport

For the first time lost, the ordinary passport fee is RS 6000/ while urgent is RS 10,000/. It will be doubled for the second time lost and tripled for the third time.

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passport tracking code

Track your passport

You can get information about your Passport, whether it is printed or is under process. The system will also tell you about its delivery.

Use this tracking SMS service by just sending your eleven-digit token number to 9988 by SMS.

Applicants can also contact the DG office by mail in case of any problems. The E-mail address of the DG Passport office is:

Requirements for Minors passport

Minors below 18 years also can get a passport now. They need the following documents.

  • Computerized B- Form or Family Registration Certificate
  • Original and Copies of parents’ ID Cards
  • Guardianship certificate in case of separation of parents.
  • Death Certificate if the mother or father has passed away.

Requirements for official passport

If you are a govt. employee and want to get an official passport, then will have to submit the following documents.

  • A valid CNIC
  • Appointment letter and official card.
  • No-Objection Certificate of the department.

Pakistani Passport Value

You have learned the procedure of Pakistani Passport online renewal and the method of getting a new one. Now we shall talk about its international value which is not only unsatisfactory but also alarming. It falls on the world’s bad passport list.

Although the Pakistani passport has improved its position as compared to last year, yet it is still the 5th worst passport in the world. It is better than only Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The question is how did our country reach here? Of course, unrest, corruption, and unemployment are the major reasons. Our youth go abroad by using all means and never come back for the sack of money. On the other hand, foreigners do not like to visit our country due to the above-said reasons. In this way, the Pakistani passport lost its value.

If Pakistani passport holders go abroad, there will be a separate counter for the flight coming from Pakistan. It happens especially in the airports of the United States, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Britain, and many other countries. Pakistani passengers have to face checking for several hours.

Due to the wrong policies of our rulers and unfair acts of our public in the past 72 years, we have reached this point where no country wants to give a general visa to a Pakistani. After getting an American or European visa, we have to face discrimination at airports. This is the value of a Pakistani passport in reality. We can restore its value only by showing honesty and peacefulness.

Final Words

Friends, we hope that now you will be able to apply for a Pakistani Passport online renewal as well as a new Passport. Passport fee Pakistan 2020 is also available in this blog. However, in case of any confusion, you can ask a question by commenting below.



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