Richest City in Saudi Arabia

You are interested in knowing about the richest city in Saudi Arabia. Well, do you know KSA is the biggest country by land in the middle east? It’s basically an Asian country existing on the western side of Asia. The only country with both the Red Sea Gulf and the Persian Gulf contains most of the land in the form of dessert.

Richest City in Saudi Arabia

Here is the list of the richest cities in Saudi Arabia by GDP per Capita.

PositionCityGDP Per Capita
1Dhahran209,774 Riyal
2Riyadh121,395 Riyal
3Khobar121,277 Riyal
4Jeddah 117,272 Riyal
5Dammam 87,570 Riyal

1)- Dhahran

Richest City In Saudi Arabia

Dhahran is the richest city in Saudi Arabia because of its oil. It is arranged near the main site of the oil find in Saudi Arabia. The city contains oil extraction and movement work environments counterbalancing plants, and a worldwide air terminal and rail association with Riyadh and al-dammām in 1963 government amassed ruler Fahad school of oil and minerals was developed. So Sharan is also the most developed city in Saudi Arabia.

There are a few striking spots of enthusiasm for Dhahran City including the KFUPM clock tower also as Saudi Aramco’s Al-Midra Tower and King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. Regardless, the tallest structure in Dhahran is Al-AbdelKareem Tower, where the neighboring Al-Othman twin towers come as the second tallest, all orchestrated in the Al-Qashlah area in the northeast of the city going toward Al-Khobar.

2)- Riyadh

Riyadh is the largest as well as the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It is also the second richest city in Saudi Arabia. The city is of urban nature with a dense population that stands at the top of the list of cities in Saudi Arabia.

This city has the uniqueness of developing and progressing from a small village to a well-developed city in a very short period of time. It started developing in the 17th century as a small village and became one of the highly progressed cities in the middle east, in the 20th century.

The view of the city from above in the sky seems remarkable, like that of a blooming flower in the middle of darkness as the lights of the shore in the middle of meadows glow brightly. Talking about the climate, it’s normally hottest in the day and cools at night like that of any desert. Riyadh’s land is also distinctively fertile for cultivation as compared to other cities in Saudi Arabia.

richest cities in Saudi Arabia

Life around the city is mostly busy and full of hustle dense with markets, shopping centers, streets, offices, industries, educational institutes, luxury hotels, food places, etc. The inhabitants give utmost importance to religious activities which makes it full of mosques.

Riyadh is also rich in culture and heritage points of view. The festival of “Al-Janadiriyyah” in Riyadh is very popular. It’s a cultural festival and the biggest one in the whole Arab world. The festival includes poetry sessions, panel debates, intellectual forums, food, music, art display, shopping, and much more. There are also many historical sites to visit in Riyadh including Masmak citadel, Ad, Diriyah, and Riyadh national museum.

3)- Khobar

The world’s greatest oil organization “Saudi Aramco” is likewise arranged in Khobar. Notwithstanding that there are likewise numerous other enormous organizations situated in this piece of Saudi Arabia. In early occasions, it has been the focal spot for shippers and businesspeople. Be that as it may, nowadays it has turned into an exceptionally built city having high rises, shopping centers, and numerous roads. Every one of these components makes it thickly populated also. The principal attractions for sightseers incorporate Corniche, Half moon shoreline, SciTech, Golden belt, and considerably more.

Khobar also has importance in the cities of Saudi Arabia. It is placed on the Persian Gulf in the eastern district of Saudi Arabia. It is known to be the third biggest business city in Saudi Arabia. Khobar, Dammam, and Dharan out and out are known as ‘triplet urban areas” for being the most noteworthy metropolitan ones in entire of the nation. Aside from that Khobar is the fifth biggest city in Saudi Arabia.


4)- Jeddah

Jeddah is the fourth richest city in Saudi Arabia. It is attached to the red seaport, which makes it the biggest trade center in KSA as well as the city geographically. Jeddah is the largest city by population in Saudi Arabia. Modernization occurred rapidly after World War II. The most remarkable one was the creation of the biggest petroleum plant in the world.

The history of this Jeddah makes it distinctive because of the fact, that in early times many people, from all around the world visited for religious or other purposes, and landed first here. The development of Saudi Arabia mainly started on this piece of land, making it a gateway. As there are two highways leading toward Makkah and Medina (cities with religious hallmarks), a great number of Muslims travel from all over the world to Saudi Arabia for Hajj, the first land in Jeddah. The climate of Jeddah is moderate due to the presence of a seashore.

Airports in Saudi Arabia

The city is well developed and contains a lot of educational institutes and health centers. The infrastructure is strong due to its strong modernization and economic rate. There are also many recreational spots, restaurants, hotels, malls, bazaars, beaches, and much more. The important and worth seeing historical sites include museums, El Salam palace with the biggest fountain in the world, and interesting monuments. Due to the presence of a lot of monuments, it was once called “the city of statues”.


5)- Dammam

Dammam is another city touching the Persian Gulf included in the major cities in Saudi Arabia. Another important aspect is that other than being a commercial and industrial hub, it is also rich in agricultural land and dairy. It lies on the eastern side of the country and compared to the rest of the cities has some green land as well other than sand and deserts. The inhabitation here started with the discovery of oil reserves and natural gas.


Most of the development of Dammam started in 1940 giving it striking transformation and modernization. Dammam constitutes many beautiful beaches and fishing spots. Other than foreign tourists, it is also one of the most admired cities by the local people of Saudi Arabia.

Biggest Cities in Saudi Arabia

You can find here the list of the Top10 biggest cities in Saudi Arabia.

RankingCity NameRegion Population





5HofufAsh Sharqiyah


7DammamAsh Sharqiyah


9KhobarAsh Sharqiyah



Makkah is the main city in the cities in Saudi Arabia from a religious point of view. It is the holiest city for everyone of all Muslims around the world. Its population is between 1.5-2 million which increased to 4.5 million during the Hajj season. It has Kaaba which is the holiest sanctum in Islam.


Reliably Muslims from wherever all through the world gather at Makkah to endeavor the hajj. It holds an interesting spot in a critical string of history. In both out-of-date greek and Islamic history, the production of Makkah is identified with the making of Kaaba. As per Islamic history, Kaaba was worked by Hazrat Ibrahim.


With a mass population of 1,271,800, Medina is also the most important city among the cities in Saudi Arabia. It is normally insinuated as the “Splendid City” and is found in the Hejaz. Al-Masjid a Nabawi has unbelievable religious criticalness since it is the internment spot of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Medina city comes next after Makkah.


Medina is the capital of the Al-Madinah Region in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the two most heavenly urban areas for Muslims, the other being Makkah. At the focal point of the city is Masjid e Nabwi, which is famous due to the Shrine of the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Likewise, the historical Quba Mosque and Masjid al-Qiblatayn are also in the city. Medina has an enormous history even before the landing of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Prophet Muhammad moved to Madina which is otherwise called Hijra (relocation to Medina) in 622. He was welcome to Medina by city pioneers to settle the debates between these clans. For this reason, the tranquil occupants held a gathering with Muhammad in a spot among Makkah and Medina, called Al Aqaba welcoming him and his couple of supporters around them to rehearse its confidence unreservedly.

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Buraydah is purely an agricultural city of Saudi Arabia. In early times, it was also the main center for export and trade of horses and camels which gave rise to the famous rivalry of “Unayzah to the south”. It lies in the north-central region of the state.  Buraydah

is famous for its production of the tastiest dates, grapes, lemons, oranges groves, and many other fruits. There is a number of experimental farms for dairy, cattle, and sheep. This city is not much famous for modernization and has a conservative and strict culture, specifically for women.


Tabuk (oasis city) lies in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia. It is famous for its dense date palms. It is also an industrial city making it metropolitan in nature. Tabuk is famous for having some famous species of birds which include Tristram’s Stratlings, White-spectacled Bulbuls, Palestinian Sunbird, Southern Grey Shrike, and Desert Lark.

Tabuk is rich in the most outstanding historical and architectural sites. First of those is the Turkish Fort built in the course of the Ottoman Sultan Sulaiman Al-Qanoni era during the years 1520 and 1566. The fort is a great attraction for many tourists. The second is “The birds of gardens” and the third one is “The Park of Prince Fahad Bin Sultan”.


Al-Jubail is also placed in the eastern area of the state close to the Persian Gulf. In the same way as other different urban areas of Saudi Arabia, its economy is subject to ventures. It has the biggest petrochemical organization SABIC, in the entire center east. This organization is additionally known to be the fourth biggest in the entire world. The city is likewise taking care of the world’s biggest IWPP (Independent Water and Power Project). The city is all around developed with incredible and exceptionally dynamic methods for transportation.


It is a desert and locale in eastern Saudi Arabia. Al-Ahsa, the greatest desert spring in Saudi Arabia, lies around 40 miles (65 km) west of the Persian Gulf. It has around 30,000 areas of land (12,000 hectares) of palm backwoods and various harvests that are overflowed by the movement of in any event 60 artesian springs. Various groupings of dates are created on the more than 3,000,000 trees in the desert spring. The desert spring’s people involve essentially proportional degrees of Sunni and Shīʿite Muslims.

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Safwa stands at the twelfth position in the list of cities in Saudi Arabia. It is additionally situated on the eastern side of the Persian Gulf. It has two or three government divisions, open utilities, informational associations, and one restorative administration center. People in Safwa work in various divisions, for instance, guidance, social protection, banking, mining, oil and gas, and exchange. The city fuses one of the most dealt with neighborhoods in the eastern locale, the Al-Zahra neighborhood (Urouba), which has more than 1,200 private units and a region of 336 hectares.

Note: This list of the biggest cities in Saudi Arabia is based on the population. It is mentioned that the source of these statistics is Wikipedia.

List of cities in Saudi Arabia

You can find here the complete list of cities in Saudi Arabia.

  • ABHA
  • Al-BAHAH
  • Al-HUFU
  • Al-JAWG
  • Al-KHARJ
  • Al-QATIF
  • Al-TAIF
  • ARAR
  • HAIL
  • JEDDAH        
  • YANBU                          

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