Check Iqama Huroob With Easy Method of 2023

check iqama Huroob

You are an ex-pat and want to check Iqama Huroob procedure. You have reached the right place where you will learn two easy methods. But before that, we want to reveal that the whole Saudi immigration process is based on the Kafeel system. The foreign workers are bound to be attached to their sponsors. As long as Kafeel or the sponsor is satisfied they can stay and work in KSA, otherwise, they will be kicked out.

If you don’t contact Kafeel or remain absent from your workplace, he will file your complaint in Jawazat. It is called Huroob. When this absconding report is attached to your iqama is under Huroob and you will be considered illegal or a criminal. Police can arrest you any time and then you will be deported after formal inquiry.

Procedures to Check Iqama Huroob

As Kafeels always think for their own benefits, they usually use to file reports against Expats working under them. So foreign workers need to check Iqama Huroob time by time. You can adopt these two easy methods for this purpose.

1)- Iqama Huroob check on MOL website

Iqama Huroob check
  • Now the new page will open showing the status of your company red, green, or yellow. In this condition, you are still on your job.
  • If it is showing the status of this kind, as shown below, it means your iqama is under Huroob.

2)- Iqama Huroob check on MOI website

The second procedure to check Iqama Huroob is also so simple. You have to follow these steps to perform it.

  • Open the website of Interior Ministry by clicking on this link.
  • On opening the page, enter Iqama number and enter it.
  • If this kind of message is displayed, it means your iqama huroob is registered against you.  

How to Remove Iqama Huroob?

If Huroob is found against you, filed by your company or kafeel then the police can arrest you for investigation. In this case, the best way is a discussion with your Kafeel or company. Kafeel can revoke it within 15 days. If you remained failed to satisfy him, you can face the case. However, legal experts advise you to exit and reenter on another visa.

Urdu video tutorial for Iqama Huroob

What will happen, if found guilty

Suppose that you only check Iqama Huroob and do nothing to settle it, your Iqama and bank account shall be blocked. Authorities will declare you illegal and may ban you for 5 years in the country.

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Expert Opinion

You are working as an ex-pat and have no rights as compared to the locals. So work here gently and try your level best to keep your Kafeel satisfied. When you find it not possible, try to change the company. On the other hand, may return to your homeland. If we talk in simple words, you should try to avoid Iqama Huroob in any case. However, you can use the above-stated methods to check Iqama Huroob time by time.


Friends, we have tried our best to guide you in the Iqama Huroob issue. The easy way is available in this blog by which you can check Iqama huroob at any time. An expert opinion is also available for your convenience. In spite of all these guidelines, you should feel free to ask any questions regarding this subject by commenting below.

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