Best places to visit in Bangalore

You are searching for the Best places to visit in Bangalore. Well, it shows your interest in nature and Indian culture. Nowadays, everyone is much busy in routine life. So some times to refresh yourself mentally and physically you need a break from this hectic routine. Visiting different places isContinue Reading

h1b visa interview questions

You are searching for H1B visa interview questions, it shows that you have almost completed the process of H1B visa and finally going for an interview. Don’t be worry, you can easily complete this final step indeed with some preparation. We have given some most commonly asked questions here. TheseContinue Reading

Immigration to Canada from Pakistan through Express Entry Express Entry is the best Program for immigration to Canada from Pakistan In 2021. This program has made Canada’s Immigration much easier. Instead of hanging the applications for years, the Canadian government is giving permanent Residence to the eligible candidates in monthsContinue Reading

ویزا فری ممالک پاکستانی پاسپورٹ کی عالمی رینکنگ میں‌دودرجے بہتری آئی ہے. پچھلے سال یہ سیکنڈ لاسٹ نمبر پر تھا اور پاکستانی شہریوں کیلئے ویزا فری اور انٹری ویزاوالے ممالک کی تعداد 31 تھی۔ اب ہینلے پاسپورٹ انڈیکس کے مطابق گرین پاسپورٹ افغانستان، عراق اور شام سے اوپر یعنی ایکContinue Reading

New Brunswick PNP

Canadian Immigration Of course, Canadian Immigration is a hot cake for the foreigners who want to immigrate to any other country for a better future. Although the Federal Skilled Workers Program is its Immigration Program, yet the majority like to apply for Provincial Nominees Programs due to less competition. NewContinue Reading

Italy seasonal work visa

Italy Seasonal Work Visa Italy issues more than 30 thousand work visas every year including seasonal and non-seasonal work visas. This annual program is known as Italy Seasonal Work Visa Program, “Decreto Flussi” in the Italian language.  “Decreto Flussi 2020” has been announced by the ministry of interior Italy. ThereContinue Reading

japan free work visa program

Japan Free Work Visa Program These Trades are included in the Japan Specified Skilled Workers Program. Nursing Care Bulding Cleaning Management Forges and Foundries Mechanical Parts and Tooling Industries Electric Electronics and Information Industries Construction Industry Ship Building Automobiles Repairing Housing Industry Agriculture Fisheries Food Industries Aviation Industry Detail ofContinue Reading


Azerbaijan visa from Pakistan We are going to discuss the procedure of applying for the Azerbaijan visa from Pakistan through the ”Asan Visa” system. Before this, you must know that Azerbaijan is a beautiful tourist destination in Asia. Five percent of Azerbaijan’s land is located in Europe which makes itContinue Reading

Umrah visa fee

Umrah Visa fee 2021, Latest News The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has canceled the repeat Umrah visa fee in New Umrah policy 2020. Now the Muslims belonging to all around the world including Pakistan will not have to pay 2000 Riyal on their second Umrah in the sameContinue Reading

h1b visa

The foreigners having an H1B visa in the US, are in trouble. Upcoming months are not going to be a good time for them, especially more than 5 lakh Indians may be effected under the New US immigration rules. Immigration has made very difficult.  An H1B visa is given byContinue Reading

Pakistani visa from UK

To get a Pakistani visa from UK is not difficult at all. But before knowing its requirements you should know that Pakistan is one of the exciting journeys one can embark on and this is due to its landscapes. The people of this country warmly welcomes tourists from all overContinue Reading