Visa on Arrival for Indians

The Indian passport ranks at 85th position in the world. According to the Henley Passport Index, Indian passport holders have visa-free access to 58 destinations. If we go in to break up, 25 countries are totally visa-free, while 33 offer visa on arrival for Indians.

Visa on Arrival for Indians in 2022

33 countries issue visa on arrival for Indians at their airports. You will have to carry your valid Indian passport, hotel booking, return ticket, sufficient funds for your stay, and bank statement (if you have). The list of countries that offer visa on arrival for Indians is given below.

1- Armenia 12- Kenya 23- Seychelles
2- Bolivia 13- Laos 24- Somalia
3- Cambodia 14- Madagascar 25- Sri Lanka
4- Cape Verde 15- Maldives 26- Suriname
5- Comoros Island 16- Marshall Islands 27- Tanzania
6- Ivory Coast 17- Mauritania 28- Thailand
7- Djibouti 18- Mozambique 29- Timor-Leste
8- Ethiopia 19- Palau Islands 30- Togo
9- Gabon
20- Rwanda 31- Tuvalu
10- Guinea-Bissau 21- Saint Lucia 32- Uganda
11- Jordan 22- Samoa 33- Zimbabwe

1- Armenia

Armenia is the first country on the list of countries that issue a visa on arrival for Indians. All Indian nationals qualify for visas on the arrival of Armenia which will be valid for 120 days, extendable by another 60 days. Indians can also get Armenia e-visa.

2- Bolivia

Bolivia provides a visa on arrival for Indians for $60 and is applicable for 90 days.

3- Cambodia

The nationals of most countries can get a Cambodia visa on Arrival but talking about Indians in specific, they are permitted to stay for a maximum of 30 days by paying $36 as a visa fee.

4- Cape Verde

Known for its traditional music, Cape Verde offers Indians a visa on arrival facility with a validity of 30 days.

5- Comoros Island

The Applicant must have approval from the Consulate in India before one can obtain the Comoros Visa on Arrival for 45 days.

6- Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Ivory Coast visa on arrival is easy. The document allows you a 30-day stay, you can use it for a single entry, and it is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

7- Djibouti

The red sea beaches of this wonderful destination can be discovered with a visa on arrival with a validity of 30 days. E visa of Djibouti is also available for Indian passport holders.

8- Ethiopia

Indian Passport holders can also obtain a Tourist Visa for 30 days on Arrival only at an Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The tourist should have a passport valid for 6 months from the date the visa was issued. If you want to use any other Ethiopian airport, then you will have to get Ethiopian E Visa. It is issued for a period of 30 or 90 days.

9- Gabon

Gabon visa on arrival for Indians is valid for up to 1 month for tourism. It also offers E-visa, so you must arrive via Libreville International Airport.


10- Guinea-Bissau

Abundant in natural beauty, this west African country provides Indians with the option of a visa on arrival that is valid for 90 days.

11- Jordan

This is the perfect chance to enter the vibrant combination of tradition and history. A vacation in Jordan means so appealing with the visa on arrival facility for Indians. It is Valid for 30 days. This visa on arrival facility is only the start of an amazing Jordan touristic holiday.

indian visa free countries

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12- Kenya

Kenya Visa On Arrival for Indians is available at the AirPort on Payment of $ 100. It will be for three months periods and multiple entries. This Kenyan visa is also acceptable in Rwanda and Uganda. Indians can apply for Kenya E-visa as well.

13- Laos

Laos visa on arrival is for a stay of 30 days but extendable up to 60 days. Indian travelers can get it from any of the international checkpoints. You are advised to get Laos E-Visa if you want to enter Laos through the Wattay International Airport and the First Thai, Lao Friendship Bridge, Lalai, Lantus, Meuang mom, Pakxan, and Phoudou entry points.

14- Madagascar

Tourist Visa can be obtained on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days, free of cost. The applicant must have a valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Madagascar.

15- Maldives

In order to enter the Maldives, the Indian nationals as tourists do not require any pre-arrival visa. A free Maldives Tourist Visa valid for 90 days is issued to Indian nationals on arriving at the Male airport. No Visa Fees is applicable for Indian citizens.

16- Marshall Islands

Indian citizens can travel to the Marshall Islands without a visa and get it on arrival. Valid up to 90 days.

17- Mauritania

Visas on arrival are available only at Nouakchott-Oumtounsy International Airport. Visa limit is 90 Days.

18- Mozambique

Mozambique Government announces 30-day on-arrival visas for all visitors of India.

19- Palau Islands

Palau tourist visa is required for citizens of India. Citizens of India can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 1 month. Extension of the visa is also possible if required.

20- Rwanda

A tourist visa on arrival for Rwanda is available for dollar 30 and is applicable for 90 days.

21- Saint Lucia

A visa on arrival from India which is valid for 6 weeks is all that you will need to discover its world-famous reef diving sites of St. Lucia.

22- Samoa

Nationals of India can obtain an Entry (or Transit) permit for a stay of max. 60 days on arrival.

23- Seychelles

Seychelles is now an attraction for all the right and perfect reasons. Indians can now avail a visa on arrival for a stay period of up to 30 days for this country.

24- Somalia

Indian citizens can get a visa on arrival to Somalia for tourism. The maximum duration of stay is 30 days.

visa free countries on Indian passport

25- Sri Lanka

For Sri Lankan visa on arrival, you just need to obtain a Sri Lanka ETA first. The visa fee is zero for tourists since 1st August 2019

26- Suriname

Indian citizens can get a tourist card on arrival for traveling to Suriname as a tourist. The maximum duration of stay is 90 days.

27- Tanzania

For Indians, a single-entry travel visa has a validity of 90 days.

28- Thailand

Thailand visa on arrival is very popular among Indians. Actually now Thai officials issue e visa on arrival at the airports. Its cost is 1000 Baht which is mandatory as the fee waiver is not applicable now.

29- Timor-Leste

You need a passport valid for six months beyond the date of arrival in Timor-Leste. Travelers arriving by flight can obtain a one-month tourist visa-on-arrival for a fee of 30 US Dollars

30- Togo

Togo is one of the most beautiful countries in West Africa. Indian nationalists can apply for a visa on arrival that allows a 7-day stay.

31- Tuvalu

For Indian passport holders, a visa on arrival facility with a validity of 14 days is also available to enjoy the discovery and adventure of this beautiful land.

32- Uganda

Uganda Visa on arrival is valid for 90 days and it is issued for a stay of up to 30 days

33- Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is the last country that provides an arrival visa for Indians. This visa is valid for 6 months only but can be extended once you’re in Zimbabwe for a valid reason.

Visa free countries for Indians in 2022

The total number of visa-free countries for Indians in 2022 is 25. The complete list is given as under.

1- Bhutan 10- Indonesia 19- Saint Kitts
2- British Virgin Islands 11- Jamaica 20- Senegal
3- Cook Island 12- Montserrat 21- Serbia
4- Dominica 13- Macao (SAR China) 22- St. Vincent and Grenadines
5- Ecuador 14- Mauritius 23- Trinidad and Tobago
6- El Salvador 15- Micronesia 24- Tunisia
7- Fiji 16-Nepal 25- Vanuatu
8- Grenada 17- Niue
9- Haiti 18- Qatar

E Visa Countries For Indians

According to the Indian Foreign Office, there are 35 e visa countries for Indians. A complete list of e visa countries is given below.

Sr. No.Country NameSr. No.Country NameSo. No.Country Name
1Armenia13Kazakhstan25South Korea
2Azerbaijan14Kenya 26Sri Lanka
7Colombia19New Zealand31Thailand
8Cote D’Ivoire20Papua New Guinea32Uganda
9Djibouti21Russian Federation 33Uzbekistan
10Ethiopia22Saint Lucia34Vietnam
11Georgia23Saint Vincent 35Zambia
12Guinea Bissau24Singapore    

Visa Free Countries on Schengen Visa

Schengen visa holders Indian can visit these countries without a visa. So we can also include in Inda Passport visa-free countries.

No. Country NameNo.Country NameNo.Country Name
1Albania 7Croatia 13Montenegro
2Antigua and Barbuda8Cyprus 14North Macedonia
3Belarus 9Georgia 15Romania
4Belize 10Gibraltar 16Sao Tome and Principe
5Bosnia and Herzegovina 11Kosovo17Turkey
6Bulgaria 12Mexico

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