UK visa from Pakistan

Apply For UK Visa From Pakistan If you want to apply for UK visa from Pakistan, you must know that the UK has now introduced a standard visitor visa for all short-term visit categories like tourism, medical treatment, family visit, and business trip. To apply for a UK visa, visitContinue Reading

River Nile

River Nile has great historical importance as well as functional values. We are going to discuss some interesting facts about this river in this article. 10 Interesting Facts About River Nile We are giving here the 10 Interesting Facts About the River Nile. The word Nile is derived from GreekContinue Reading


Italy Visa Pakistan Italy issues a Schengen visa for tourism purposes which is useful for all Schengen countries. There are 3 sub-categories of Italy Schengen Visa. You should know about all visa categories before applying for Italy visa Pakistan. i) Airport Transit Visa (Type A)ii) Transit visaiii) visit visa (typeContinue Reading

Pakistani visa

To get a Pakistani visa from UK is not difficult at all. But before knowing its requirements you should know that Pakistan is one of the exciting journeys one can embark on and this is due to its landscapes. The people of this country warmly welcomes tourists from all overContinue Reading