Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check

Before knowing the process of the ‘’Lulu exchange salary card balance check’’, you must understand this payroll mechanism.

Lulu Exchange Salary Card System

As Lulu exchange is a reputed global foreign exchange, thousands of ex-pats use it to send their salaries to their families in their home countries. Lulu has designed a special payroll system in the form of a ‘’MyPay card’’ with the partnership of First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) for their convenience.


Use of MyPay My Card

We can say that the ”MyPay my card” is a payroll card issued by the FAB for Lulu Exchange and it is called MyPay. There is no need for a bank account for this salary card. Its issuance, as well as the withdrawals of money from FAB ATMs, are also free.

So the clients of Lulu use MyPay My cards for receiving their salaries from their companies and for sending money to their homes.

Lulu Exchange

Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check

In daily routine, the companies deposit funds into the branches of the Lulu exchange before 12:00 PM. As a result, salaries are released on the same day and ex-pats can transfer to their countries at the moment. The process is the same for wire transfers.

If a company deposits a check at the Lulu exchange’s partner banks, salaries will be transferred when the funds will appear in the Lulu account. It takes two working days.

During this process employees try to check their salaries, this process is ‘’ lulu exchange salary card balance check’’.

You can use any FAB ATM or Lulu exchange for checking the Lulu exchange salary card balance with no fee. Even if you don’t have your MyPay My card with you exchange staff will entertain you by checking your Emirates ID and labor card details.

Lulu Payroll Details

  • Lulu Exchange has kept no limitation to the number of employees for registration.
  • Lulu Exchange also registers employees without labor card details.
  • The processing of payroll is free for 12 months for a new company. They will charge after one year.
  • Companies can use one of the three payment options to transfer salaries. These are cash payout, direct bank account, and MyPay card.
  • Companies that are registered as a group of companies during initial company registration can pay for multiple trade licenses in a single transaction.
  • The office timings for the call center are Saturday to Sunday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • The MyPay card holders can withdraw money for free from all FAB ATM machines.
 MyPay my Card

Important Information About MyPay My Card

After the completion of your employer’s registration, you can apply for a MyPay My card. The company will deliver your card to your address according to your application. Lulu Exchange’s courier will contact you to inform you about the delivery date. Usually, the whole process takes 12 working days after the submission of the application.


After receiving the card, you can visit any FAB ATM for activation. You will simply insert the card into the ATM and set the PIN number.

If your card is stolen or lost you can block it by sending an email to the concerned persons. An amount of AED 15 for each lost card will be deducted for the issuance of a new MyPay card from the cardholder’s account.

MyPay cardholders who do not have their MyPay card on hand can withdraw money by presenting their Emirates ID and labor card details over the counter at any Lulu Exchange branch to withdraw their salary.

ADIB ATM near Me in the United Arab Emirates

There are no charges if you withdraw cash from a FAB ATM. However, if you use an ATM of any other bank, charges will apply.


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