Every ex-pat working in UAE has a labour card as well as Iqama. Unfortunately, now the labour Ministry does not provide the printed labour card but it is available on the MOHRE website and App in electronic form. You can download and get a labour card copy online for your record.


If your query is how to check labour card online, then you can also follow this method.

How to Get Labour Card Copy Online?

We will explain here both methods to fulfil your query ‘’ how to get labour card copy online? The first method is very simple and instant but you need your work permit number to perform it.

Anyways, follow these steps to check the labour card online.

  • Step 1)- Open the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) by clicking on this link.
  • Step 2)- Click on the ‘’Select Services’’ dropdown menu and select ‘’Print Electronic Work Permit’’.
  • Step 3)- Now enter your work permit number and click on the search sign.
MOHRE Website
  • Step 4)- Your labor card will be shown in a new tab.
  • Step 5)- Click on the ‘’Print’’ option then select the ‘’Save as PDF’’ option.

Your labour card copy has been saved on your computer/phone. You can get its print or use it as an electronic copy.

Second Method of Getting Labour Card Copy Online

In this method, you can get labour card copy online from MOHRE App.

  • First of all, install MOHRE App in your cell phone from the Google Play store by clicking on this link.

Download MOHRE App

  • After installing the MOHRE App, you will log in if already have an employee account. Otherwise, you have to sign up with the help of the guidelines given below.

How to Create an Account on MOHRE App?

  • Open the MOHRE App and click on the Sign Up button. There are 3 options for user registration, you will select ”Employee” as shown in the screenshot given below.
How to Get Labour Card Copy Online?
  • After selecting the employee option, the user registration page will be opened. Write your passport number, select your nationality from the drop-down list, and enter your date of birth. Then click on “Next”.
  • Then create a new username, type the password, and re-type the confirm password. Write the email address and active mobile number for the account activation link and OTP.
  • Select a security question for you and click on the next button.
  • On opening the privacy policy and terms, click on ‘’I Agree”.
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  • At this stage, the system will send a verification link to your email account and an OTP on your mobile number, write down your email and DU or ETISALAT number and click on send OTP.
  • Your account is created, you have activated it by clicking on the link sent by the MOHRE App.

How to Check Fine on Emirates ID in UAE?

Get Labour Card Copy From MOHRE App

  • Sign in to your account by entering your username, and password, and answer the security question.
  • The system will bring you to your dashboard. Here you can see the full name, photo, person code, and other details.
  • Click on my dashboard and get access to the following details.
  1. Labour card
  2. Labour card issue and expiry dates
  3. Labour contract
  4. Employee Passport copy
  5. Employer (company or sponsor) details
  6. Employee person code UAE
  7. Profession details
  • Then scroll down the employee profile page after clicking my dashboard to download or get labour card copy.
  • You will see there are three options including ”View labor card”. Click on it and view your labour card.
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view labour card

Congratulations, the process has been completed, you can save your UAE labour card and take its print.

Video Tutorial For Getting Labour Card Copy

Questions About Labour Card Copy

We are giving here some frequently asked questions with brief answers about labour card.

How to check labour card online?

MOHRE website and App are used to check labour card online. You can do it with the help of our guidelines given in this blog.

How do I download my labour card?

Open the MOHRE website or app, enter your labour card number on the ‘Work Permit No’ tab, and click on search. The labour card is shown on the screen. You may download it easily.

Can we use the labour card copy for legal purposes?

Yes, it is valid for legal purposes. Usually it is used for identification at your workplaces.

Is a labour card the same as an emirates ID?

These are different cards. MOHRE issues labour cards, whereas the issuing authority of Emirates ID is ICA.

How to check the status of labor card cancellation?

You can check it on MOHRE website. Choose “electronic work permit information” from the list of inquiry services and enter your personal information, including your business card number, code, date of birth, and nationality. Then the site will show your UAE employment contract.


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