how to check overstay fine in UAE

You are going to learn, ”how to check overstay fine in UAE” in a simple way here. It is a famous topic as 80 percent population of the United Arab Emirates consists of Expats from more than 20 nations. Indians are the largest part with 28% share and Pakistani stand at second position with 12%.


Easy Way to Check Overstay Fine in UAE

Friends, you need your ”U.I.D number” and Date of birth, given on your residence permit to check to overstay fine in UAE. Then you have to perform a few simple steps as given below.

1)- First of all, click on the link to open the ICA official website.

2)- Then click on the ”Public Services” Tab to find the ”Pay Fines” Box as shown in the screenshot.

overstay fine check

3)- In this box, you will press the ”Start Service” button.

4)- A form will appear on the screen as given below. You have to enter your data here.

overstay fine in UAE

5)- You will enter the captcha code and click on the search button after putting your visa file number details.

The procedure of checking the overstay fine in UAE is completed, now you can see you’re fine.

How to check overstay fine in UAE

Grace Period After Visa Cancellation in UAE

  • If you are a visit visa holder and remain to exit with the UAE visa validity period, you have a 10 days’ grace period after visa cancellation in UAE to leave the country.
  • The one-month grace period after visa cancellation in UAE is available for a residence visa. You will have to renew your visa during this period.

Schedule of Overstay Fine in UAE 2022

Immigration rules and their execution is very strict in the UAE to manage a huge number of immigrants. You have to care for these rules to avoid heavy fines and other punishments.

Overstay is a serious offense in the UAE. If somehow you commit this offense then be ready to pay the ‘’overstay fine in Dubai’’ as well as the overstay fine in UAE.

Overstay Fine in UAE for Visit Visa

This is a schedule of Overstay fine in UAE for visit visa


  • After the completion of the grace period, you will have to pay AED 200 as an Overstay fine in Dubai for a visit visa.
  • Even if you don’t leave after 11 days. Be prepared to pay AED 100 on a daily basis till your departure from UAE.
  • The officials will also charge AED 100 as service charges at the airport. This is the Overstay fine in UAE for a visit visa in 2020.

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Overstay Fine in UAE For Residence visa

The overstay fine in UAE for a residence visa in 2022 is a little bit low as compared to the overstay fine for a visitor visa.

  • When you don’t get a renewal during the grace period, a fine of AED 125 is imposed.
  • Then you will have to pay AED 25 daily.
  • After six months the fine will be doubled i.e. AED 50 per day.
  • If you don’t get an extension within a year, the fine will increase to AED 50 daily.

Overstay Fine in UAE for Cancelled visa

You can stay up to 30 days after your work visa cancellation, also known as the” grace period”. Now fine will be charged during this period. However, after the grace period, you will have to pay AED 100 for the first day and then AED 25 on daily basis as an Overstay fine in UAE for a canceled visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered your frequent questions about the overstay fine in UAE here for your convenience.

Q: Where to pay overstay fine in Dubai?

Most of the visitors search for Where to pay to overstay fines in Dubai. The overstay fine is payable in an immigration office or at the airport on your departure. You can’t leave the country without paying your fines.


Q: What to do if Dubai Visa is going to be expired?

One more frequently asked question is “What to do if your Dubai Visa is going to be expired?” When your Dubai visit visa is going to be expired, you can apply for renewal or leave the country. According to the UAE immigration rules, visitors or tourists can get a one-month extension two times. The UAE visit visa renewal fee is AED 600.

Q: How can I remove the overstay fine in UAE?

Normally, an overstay fine cannot be waived off in UAE but the exception is always there. You can take a chance by submitting an application in immigration mentioning your reason for overstaying.

Q: Can I go to jail for overstaying in UAE?

Overstaying is a violation in UAE but not a criminal offense. You will have to pay a fine but there is no example of going to jail. The immigration department also can deport you immediately if you were staying for a long time after visa expiry.

Q: Can I leave UAE without paying an overstay fine?

You can’t leave the UAE without paying your overstay fine. The immigration officials check the record of all foreigners and do not grant clearance. You have 30 days grace period after visa expiry as a resident.

Overstay fine waiver for COVID 19

Friend, keep in mind that the above said fines are for routine life. An overstay fine waiver is announced for the current critical situation. The UAE govt. has announced a 3 months extension for all kinds of visas. There is no overstay fine in UAE this time due to COVID-19.



  1. Kindly let me know about if there is any offers during March as I heard from some one that the uae government have announced offer for over staying visit. Visa fees i need help on this regards

  2. dear sir i am interested in five year tourist visa i just want to know that i am clear with your immigration or can i apply for the five years tourist multiple visa i am sending you my name or passport to verify my status

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