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Fine on Emirates ID

The query ’How to Check Fine on Emirates ID’ is famous in UAE. The reason is that the government is very strict about rules and regulations to keep the country in discipline.


There a numerous types of violations that cause fines in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other Emirates. The most common is a traffic rules violation. Corona SOPs violation is also very important in the present scenario.

When a foreigner or local citizen is fined as the result of a violation, it is recorded under his/her Emirates ID or driving license. Then people ask, ‘’how can I check my emirates id fine’’. This term is also known as Emirates ID fin check.

How to Check Fine on Emirates ID?

If you are in Abu Dhabi, you can check fine on Emirates ID on Abu Dhabi Police’s App or website. It is a very simple method by which you will get results in just one minute.

So follow these easy steps to Check Fine on Emirates ID in UAE.

  • Open the Abu Dhabi Police’s App or website by clicking on this link. https://es.adpolice.gov.ae/trafficservices/ ·      
  • Now open ‘’Public Services’’ and select ‘’TRAFFIC FINES INQUIRY’’ as shown below in the screenshot.
Emirates ID fin check
  • A new page will be opened. Then select the second option’’ Inquiry by Emirates ID’’.

Note: You can also perform this test with your Traffic number, driving license, and vehicle plate. These all options are available on the same page.

  • Put your Emirates ID and captcha text in the relevant boxes as mentioned in the screenshot.
Inquiry by Emirates ID
  • Now click on ‘’Submit’’ button. Your details of fine on Emirates ID will be shown on the screen immediately.

FriendS, the procedure is completed in such a simple way. You can also check your other fines by this method.

details of fine on Emirates ID

How to Check Overstay Fine in UAE?

Online Fine Payment

After knowing the answer to your question, how to check emirates ID fine, you can also pay your fine online.

You can see the ‘’Pay’’ button below your fine details as shown in the screenshot given below.

Simply click on this button and enter your bank card details, you fine on Emirates ID will be paid in a few seconds.

Tips for Avoiding Fines in UAE

You can avoid heavy fines and the Emirates ID fin check process in UAE by taking care of these rules.


1)- It is compulsory for the driver and the accompanying person to use the seat belt. If they don’t use it, then they have to pay the fine.

2)- You should never break a pedestrian crossing. You can go only when it is green or else you have to pay the fine of AED 420.

3)-If you violate the signal then you have to pay the fine of AED 3000 and your car will remain in the Desert for a month and you will get black points on your license.

4)-It is about over-Speed fines. If you are driving at 101 km/hr. on a road of 80 km/hr. you will have to pay fines. If you go around 100 km/hr then you won’t get any fines. Cameras and radars installed on different roads are used for checking over speed.

5)- The is about Lane change. You have to follow specific rules including your speed and indicator while changing the lane.

6)- The sixth one is related to Alcohol. You cannot drive after consuming the alcohol otherwise you have to pay heavy fines. In case of an accident, you will have to face a trial in court.


Video Tutorial For Checking Fine on Emirates ID

Change Mobile Number in Emirates ID

General Fines in UAE

There are multiple general rules, that you must have to act upon. We have mentioned here the major 5 rules.

1)- Cheque bounce

If you give a bank cheque to someone and it bounces then you may have to go to jail along with the fine. So keep in mind that cheques should never bounce in UAE.

2)- Public transport

You have to follow specific rules while traveling by Dubai metro and other public transport.

  • You are not allowed to eat inside the bus.
  • You cannot play loud music in the bus.
  • Do not keep both your legs on the seat.

3)- Social Media

Never insult anyone on social media or spread fake news. Otherwise, you will have to face legal actions and heavy fines.

4)- Public Place

when you are in UAE you should always keep in mind that you should not get into a fight or abuse someone under any condition. It is also not allowed to take pictures or shoot videos of anybody without his/her permission.

5)- Corona SOPs

It is still necessary to wear a mask in all emirates of UAE. There are heavy fines if you violate corona SOPS.



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