Employment Contract Non-renewal Letter from Employee to Employer

You should be aware of the contract based employment before understanding the Employment Contract Non-renewal Letter from Employee to Employer.


Most of the companies hire employees on contract basis to save their funds. They needs these persons to run their business but don’t want to pay them according to the social security and labor laws.

Sometimes, you have to give a reminder to the administration before expiry of your contract. This is called ‘’employment contract non renewal letter from employee to employer”.

Employment Contract Non-renewal Letter

Sample Employment Contract Non-renewal Letter from Employee to Employer


The Manager/CEO

Name of organization ….

Complete Address ……..

Subject: Request for Renewal of job contract

Dear Sir!

I am (Name)……. working in your company as (Designation) …….. since (Date of appointment) …… on 2 years contract. My contract will be finished on (Date)….

This 2 years contract helped me a lot. I am able to support my family through this job. I want to continue my job and request you to renew my contract for another 2 years.

I have performed my best during this contract and assure you to continue serving the company in the same way. You can check my performance report in this regard.


I hope that you will still give me a chance to work under your kind control. Thanking you in anticipation,

You’re sincerely,


Address & contact number.

Special Guidelines

The employee is required to declare the expiry date for the bond. So, the company can verify that you’re no anymore employed by the company on what date. Sometimes, employer receives an offer for a new job and then waits for the deal to expire. When he was offered the agreement, he informed his employer be aware that he no long interested in working for the company.

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You must return all documents, materials, or equipment belonging to the company to which you’ve been granted access during the duration of your contract. Like all employees they are bound by our confidentiality and privacy guidelines.

Though they’re more uncommon however, current contracts are unique in the sense that every termination of employment is deemed to be a as a termination, regardless of the time it occurs, as the contract does not expire. The current contracts are, therefore, never in danger of being non-renewable and teachers who are employed under them can anytime contact their Commissioner of Education to request an unannounced hearing.


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