DU Monthly Data Package 25 AED (Details 2023)

DU monthly data package 25 AED

DU monthly data package 25 AED is the most popular among prepaid users in the Emirates. As we know, Du is one of the biggest cellular companies in UAE that has introduced three economical prepaid bundles containing Flexi minutes and data.

DU Monthly Data Package 25 AED

The cheapest prepaid bundle is known as the ‘’DU monthly data package 25 AED’’. It is the choice of the youth and visitors who can get non-stop chat data by using popular chat apps such as WhatsApp and Viber. 35 Flexi minutes are also included in this pkg.

You will pay 25AED and the package validity is one month. Subscribers can use free minutes to call national or international numbers.

How to Activate DU Monthly Data Package 25 AED?

Open your dialing pad and dial SSD code *135*250#. Then follow the recorded instructions to register for the package. You will get a confirmation SMS on the activation of said bundle.

DU monthly data package

Deactivation of Data Package

As it is a one-time monthly package, you do not need to use any deactivation codes. It will not be renewed until you activate it again.

How to Deactivate Du Data Packages instantly?

DU Monthly Data Package 50 AED

The cost of the second bundle is AED 50 per month which provides access to non-stop chat, and non-stop social data for popular social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat as well as 75 Flexi minutes. The procedure of activation of 50 AED is the same as 25 AED pkg.

AED 100 per Month Bundle

In the 100 AED bundle, you will receive non-stop chat, non-stop social, 150 Flexi minutes, and 500 MB of data for the whole month. You have to use this data and call minutes within the month. Otherwise, it will be expired.

According to the Du Website, subscribers can buy or upgrade their bundle by dialing *135*4# from their prepaid line. The condition is very simple, the required balance must be in your account.  


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