You are a Du subscriber and want to check Du data balance. Of course, the ‘’how to check du balance query’’ is the most common query for new users. Don’t worry you are at the right place where you can know multiple methods for du balance check.


Du Balance Check

Du is one of the best telecom companies in the UAE that provides a lot of value-added services to its users. UAE nationals and residents use both Du prepaid and postpaid sims. There are different methods for Du balance check for these two types of users. We will explain the all ways so that you can select one of them by your choice.

How to Check Du Balance?

Here are two different methods for prepaid users to check Du balance online.

Method 1 for Prepaid Users

The simplest way for checking Du’s mobile prepaid balance is the use of a short code *135# that is called ‘’Du balance check code”. You can do it offline by following this method.

  • Just dial *135# on your mobile and wait for the reply.
  • In a few seconds you will receive and SMS of the company containing the information of your Du balance.

How to Check Fine on Emirates ID in UAE in 1 Minute?

You can also check Du balance by sending a message.

  • Write word ’balance’ and send it to 1335. The system of Du will respond you.

Note: On consuming 75%, 85%, and 100% of your data packages, the company itself intimates you via SMS about your remaining balance.

Method 2

You can also check Du balance on the Du portal. Follow these steps for this method.

  • Open Du official portal by clicking on this link;


  • Then log in to your account by entering username and password. ·
  • After logging, you can see your remaining mobile credits on the homepage. 

If you already have no account on the Du portal, you can easily register yourself by clicking on the ‘’Register Here’’ tab. There are a lot of benefits of using the Du portal. You can renew here your ID documents, check Du balance, pay bills, top-up your phone, and much more.

How to Check Du Balance

Du Data Balance Check for Postpaid Users

There are two methods for Postpaid users for checking Du Data Balance. You can select one of them according to your convenience.  

Method 1 for Postpaid Users

  • You will type ‘rewards’ and send it to 1223. It is the simplest and offline method.

Method 2 #

In this method, you check your balance via the du self-care portal.

  • Log in to self-care portal and follow the on-screen instructions available there. 

How to Recharge Du?

If you are online, can use this easiest method to recharge your Du balance.

Method 1:

  1. Open the Du’s official page.
  2. On opening the page, you will have to enter your cell number and then pay using a credit or debit choice.

You can also renew the ID documents you have, verify your usage on a daily basis pay bills, track the amount of money you pay, and so on.


Method 2:

Du App also can be used for recharging Du’s account. You can also lookup your remaining and outgoing prepaid account balance by using the same credentials you type in into your My Account section of the website. There are many additional options and features available to you when you access your account through the mobile application du-mobile.

How to Check NOL Card Balance?

One benefit that you get by using Du App is the ability to set up an auto-payment feature so you don’t be late on your bill payments.

To sign up for your account with the mobile payments system it is possible to access the Self-care account and input the details of your credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club). You can also sign up your credit card for activation of this feature by visiting any of the du’s stores in the country.

Du Balance Check

Method 3:

This is a credit transfer method. Du offers a broad selection of scratch cards and e-Vouchers. You can recharge your prepaid credit by using options ranging between AED 25 and AED 525, based on your requirements.

Method 4:

Du users also can use Payment Machines to top up their accounts. There are more than ninety outlets that allow you to top up your account with payment machines.


Method 5:

Credit Transfers feature lets you move credit on your phone to another prepaid subscriber, anytime, anyplace. It is available for mobile prepaid customers who subscribe to Consumer Prepaid Plans (Pay As You Go, Alo, New Alo, VML, and Extra Social) as well as postpaid subscribers and those who have Prepaid wallets available that are on Elite as well as Emirati plans.

  • For this purpose, Dial *121* recipient’s cell number*amount to AED#
  • Then click 1 to verify the purchase, or 2 to cancel.

Useful Suggestions for Du Users

  1. If you call from the UAE to call back, replace the initial number by +971.
  2. For dialing + press zero until the plus symbol (+) appears.
  3. Replace zero with the code of the country you are calling from when calling numbers in the destination country.
  4. Make sure you check for Emergency numbers for the country you’re visiting prior to your trip to ensure that you don’t require a separate area code prior to dialing an emergency call.
  5. The version allows you to create video or voice calls via internet apps using the roaming bundles of du’s data.
  6. If you travel or are abroad, you are able to refill your prepaid account with Du’s app, or the Quick Recharge. You can pay your bills via the app or through the Quick Pay option available on du’s official site.
  7. For access to your caller ID to access your voicemail, dial +971555678161. The cost is identical to when you call in the UAE.
  8. Here you go. You’ve probably guessed by now there are many ways to examine your postpaid or prepaid balance using any of the services that are provided by du.
  9. Monitoring your mobile’s credit, either postpaid or prepaid, will help you track your transactions better and, most important, you can control your expenditure accordingly.

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