visa protector

What is Visa Protector? Visa protector is a mandatory registration for a Pakistani going abroad on a work visa. The Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment has established protector offices in various cities where officials stamp your passport after completing this registration process. You can’t leave the country without thisContinue Reading

UAE flights

Update about UAE Flights From Pakistan Updated on 18/09/2021. The UAE government has announced that starting August 30, visitors from Pakistan with visit visa are allowed to enter the UAE. Only the vaccinated citizens from Pakistan can now visit Dubai on tourist visas. You can also apply for a TouristContinue Reading


You are interested in knowing about the richest city in Saudi Arabia. Well, but do you know KSA is the biggest country by land in the middle east? It’s basically an Asian country existing on the western side of Asia. The only country with both the Red Sea Gulf andContinue Reading

Turkey visa from Pakistan

Turkey Visit Visa from Pakistan The demand for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan 2021 has been increased after the Corona pandemic. The reason is very simple, it was the first country that started issuing visas after lockdowns. It is another fact that Turkey’s visa is not so difficult from Pakistan. AlongContinue Reading

download FM portal

Usage and Benefits of FM Portal “FM Portal” is an app published on Google play store by Foreign Ministry for overseas Pakistanis. It will help them to resolve their consulate-related issues quickly. They have no need to visit the embassy or consulate for their passport, ID card, and documents verification-relatedContinue Reading

invitation letter for visa

Invitation Letter for Visa Almost all famous countries including the US, UK, Canada, and Schengen area demand sponsorship for a visa. It is an invitation letter for a visa, also called a sponsor letter, sent by your sponsor or the host. The majority of visa applicants and their relatives/ friends livingContinue Reading

Visa on Arrival for Indians

The Indian passport ranks at 85th position in the world. According to the Henley Passport Index 2021, Indian passport holders have visa-free access to 58 destinations. If we go in to break up, 25 countries are totally visa-free, while 33 offer visa on arrival for Indians. Visa on Arrival for IndiansContinue Reading