invitation letter for visa

Invitation Letter for Visa

Almost all famous countries including the US, UK, Canada, and the Schengen area demand sponsorship for a visa. It is an invitation letter for a visa, also called a sponsor letter, sent by your sponsor or the host.

The majority of visa applicants and their relatives/ friends living in other countries don’t know the right procedure to prepare a letter of invitation for a visa. We are going to solve this problem.

Actually, everything related to an invitation letter for a visa is very simple. You do not have to be a professional in some kind of field to write an Invitation letter. We have explained why this letter is needed and how we can prepare it.


Some invitation letter samples are also given in this article which will make it clear how a Letter of Invitation looks. You can also use these samples by replacing information as necessary.

How to define an Invitation Letter

Visa Invitation Letter is a letter that the candidate needs to submit to an embassy or consulate where he/she is applying for a visa for the event that they are intending to remain over at companions or relatives that are nationals or legal residents of his desired country.

The invitation letter for a visa must be composed by the candidate’s host and tended to either to the visitor or to the consular officer, affirming that they have the will and space to acknowledge the candidate into their home for the entire time of their stay in their goal nation where the host is living. This is also known as an invitation letter for a UK  visa, an invitation letter for the US and other countries’ visas.

Conditions for host

Your Sponsor or host must match the following conditions to send you an invitation letter for a visa application.

1)- He/She must be a citizen or permanent resident of that country
2)- must be your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or family member/relative
3)- must have a registered place to live
4)- must also have enough room for the applicant

Procedure to write an invitation letter for visa

Although it is very confusing for most visa applicants, yet you can make it very easy by following our invitation letter samples. The invitation letter for a visa must be composed by the visitor and tended to either to you or to the consular officer. A few government offices have their own particular invitation shape, in this manner, try to check about it when you get the agenda of visa-required archives. On the off-chance that they as of now have a shape, at that point your host will just need to satisfy the vacant spaces with the correct data.

In any case, regardless of whether they don’t, underneath we have recorded a few examples which you can use by supplanting the data as per your case.
When composing an invitation letter, the primary concern the essayist needs to remember is that the letter must incorporate some imperative points of interest, of the host and the visitor. The invitation letter for a visa must contain the accompanying data about the host:

Full name, Date of birth, Address, Contact number, Occupation, Type of home (owned / rent house / flat / room), Host’s status in the host country (If the host is residing in that country a work visa, student visa, permanent resident, or is a citizen or any other legal status) and Signature.

The invitation letter must also include the following information about the Visa Applicant.

1)- Full name as shown on their International Passport
2)- Date of birth
3)- The person’s address and telephone number
4)- Relationship between the host and the guest
5)- The purpose of the trip (friendly visit, holiday, wedding, birthday party.)
6)- Exact entry date and exit date

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In the event that the letter is addressed to the Applicant don’t make it sound excessively official. It is better on the off-chance that it sounds closer to home and friendlier as opposed to formal, so the consular officer can have a superior sight of the connection between the host and the visitor.

Minimum Bank Balance for Schengen Visa

Sample Letters

A settled technique or style of composing an invitation letter does not exist. It is up to the essayist to choose what he or she needs to incorporate into their letter. For whatever length of time that the letter contains the above-recorded points of interest among others, at that point the letter is okay.

Letter of Invitation addressed to the embassy

The [country] Embassy,

Subject: Letter of Invitation for [Visitor’s Name]: Passport No: …

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter to support the visitor visa application for [Visitor’s Name].
She / he is fully resident in [country], and is my [relationship]. She/he lives at [Visitor’s Address] and their home phone number is …….
I am a legal permanent resident of the [Guest’s Home Country], and I live at [Guest’s Home Address], and I work as [Guest’s Occupation] – with a net income of $…. per year. I would like [Visitor’s Name] to come and visit me from [Date of Entry] to [Date of Exit] because of [you might give a reason as a wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, etc.]

My request is that she/he would be granted a visa for this whole period, in which time I would be fully responsible and cater to her / his well-being. She/he will also be resident at my home, and following the expiration of her / his visa, I will see that [Visitor’s name] return to her / his home country.
Kindly find attached, all the necessary documentation required.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Host’s Name………
Phone Number…..


Visa Invitation Letter addressed to the guest

Subject: Letter of Invitation for [Visitor’s Name]: Passport No:…..
Dear [Visitor’s Name],

As a follow-up to our telephone discussion, it would be ideal if you accept this as a formal invitation to visit me in [country]. It’s been quite a while since I last observed you, and I am so excited that you will at long last have the capacity to meet every one of the general population who have made my stay in [country] so wonderful.
While you are here, I will be in charge of your settlement, nourishing, and development around [country] from the day you land from [Visitor’s Home country] on [Entry Date] until the point that the day you leave on [Date of Exit].


I am sending you all the required documents for getting the necessary visa from the [country] Embassy.
Can’t wait to meet you here
Host’s name……..
Phone Numbers:………
Work: ………………..

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Complete documents for sponsorship

Your sponsor will send you all these documents.

  • Invitation Letter
  • Passport or PR card copy
  • Tax assessment papers
  • Bank statement
  • Property assessment Tax
  • Utility bills
  • Job letter and payslips (if employed)
  • Business registration papers (if businessman)

Invitation letter for Schengen visa

Friends who intend to apply for a Schengen visa to visit their family or a friend need an invitation letter consisting of this information.

  • The host’s full name with complete address and phone number must be given in the invitation letter for the Schengen visa.
  • Host’s Passport information
  • The relationship between the applicant and the host must be mentioned.
  • If the host has no citizenship status in that country, he will have to give residence permit information.
  • The reason for your visit and the places where you want to go also must be stated in the invitation letter.

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Your relative or host will have to attach these documents with the invitation for a Schengen visa.

  • One scanned copy of the Residence permit/ passport
    Proof of funds arrangement if the host is taking responsibility for your all expenses.
  • Ownership or rental proof of home.
    If the host has planned to give you company during your stay then he will provide a copy of leave approval.

Invitation letter for Business Schengen visa

If somebody is interested in a business visit to a Schengen county, he needs this kind of invitation letter. The purpose of the visit may be the meeting with an importer-exporter, which would be any client or partner. The businessmen also visit different countries to participate in international expos and other business events.

It is necessary to introduce your company and its relation with the host in the Invitation letter. The host company will state the nature of the business that both parties are planning.

In case, you are going to participate in a conference or seminar, then the letter will be from the organizer. Now the host will have to justify in the invitation that you are the right man to attend this event. He will narrate your expertise and prove the above-said point.

This invitation letter must have clarity about your program during the expected visit. For this purpose, you also will have to attach your company profile with other documents. If you are representing your company as an employer, then the letter of the employer is also required.

The host will be clear in the invitation letter that either you will stay in a hotel yourself or he has made arrangements for your accommodation. In the same way, the responsibility of other expenses must be explained in the invitation.

Invitation letter for studies

Thousands of students go to Schengen countries for studies every year. They get a study visa and their sponsor/ invitation letter for visa application is an acceptance letter sent by the college or university. The relevant institution invites them to join the classes.

The acceptance letter must have complete information regarding your stay, the duration of the course, your financial arrangements and fee, etc.

Invitation Letter for medical treatment

The Schengen countries are much more advanced in medical facilities. Due to this, a considerable number of patients take medical treatment there. They get a medical treatment visa for this purpose, which also needs an invitation letter for a visa.

This letter will be issued by the foreign doctor which has studied your case history and agreed to provide you with treatment. The Doctor will write this letter on the letterhead of his hospital or clinic. He must mention the condition of the patient and the expected duration of treatment.

An invitation letter for medical treatment is a sponsorship in which the doctor also indicates the estimate of the treatment cost. You are bound to attach the receipts of the hospital fee. The recommendation of the local hospital for treatment in that country is also necessary.

Procedure to get a free Invitation letter

If you have no contact in the country where you want to go, an Invitation or sponsor letter may be very expensive for you. The consultants of the relevant country will demand a heavy fee for this task. But you Don’t need to pay, get an Invitation Letter for a visa, free of cost by adopting our procedure.


Friends, the world has become a global village due to internet technology and you have to take advantage of this fact. International sports events, expos, business exhibitions, seminars, and other activities are being arranged in every country. You may search for these activities with the help of Google.

Suppose that you want to visit the UK and intend to get an invitation letter for a UK visa. You will have to search ” international sports events in the UK”, upcoming business exhibitions in the UK, “expos in the UK” and ” trade fairs in the UK” etc.

Then visit the relevant websites according to the Google results. Check the events in which you have a little bit of interest and can justify your appearance. After shortlisting, register yourself on the sites and ask them to send you a free invitation letter for a visa.

Such events should be held between two to three months. If the organizers find that you are the relevant person to participate, they will send you an invitation by mail. In this way, anybody can get a free Invitation letter for visa application.

The point to remember is that do not try one or two sites, you have to apply for a minimum of fifteen to twenty events. This method will increase your success rate and ultimately you will be able to secure the invitation to your desired event.

Tickets of international sports events

Nowadays, the majority of youth have an interest in different sports and have much knowledge of games. Such young stars can convert their passion into a visa. Yes, it is a fact, they can get its advantage. They have to check the schedule of events of their respective games on google. Then they can apply for a visa from that country where an international event is going to be held.

In this case, the ticket for the event will work as an invitation letter for a visa. These events may be the world cup of cricket, football FIFA world cup, Olympics games and tennis championship, etc.

You have to simply get its ticket by applying online. Now you can apply for a visa for that country by attaching this ticket with your application. This is your invitation letter which must be accepted if you have complete knowledge about that game. The other requirements of the visit visa also will have to fulfilled before applying for the visa.

Invitation letter for Pakistan visa

The tourists who want to visit Pakistan have to get a sponsorship or Invitation letter for a Pakistan visa. Even now in the new visa policy of Pakistan, this requirement stands but visitors are facilitated by giving them a choice.

Pakistan has started the online visa system and now you can apply for a Pakistan e visa.

This facility is for 175 countries. Similarly, citizens of 50 countries are allowed to get visas on arrival on reaching Islamabad airport. You can check the status of your country, and where it falls.

According to Pakistan’s new visa policy, tourists who have no sponsor in Pakistan can get it from an authorized travel agent. In case of failure, a single tourist can use hotel booking papers as an invitation for a Pakistani visa. So you need no formal invitation letter for a Pakistan e visa and visas on arrival.



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