Abu Dhabi zip code

You are here to know the Postal Code of Abu Dhabi or the Zip Code Abu Dhabi. You must be aware that there is no postcode in Abu Dhabi. The impost issues post boxes to individuals and companies to utilize postal services. You can get a post box by paying an annual fee to the post office. After that, you will be able to use that post box number to receive your mail. In the same way, it works for companies.


Postal Code of Abu Dhabi

The postal Code of Abu Dhabi is ‘’ 00000’’. Yes, it’s a fact, like other Emirates Abu Dhabi also has no postal code. It is a famous query, perhaps due to this strange answer. So you will simply write N/A or 00000 when asked to write the Abu Dhabi postal code in any document.

Abu Dhabi Postal Code00000
Abu Dhabi Zip Code00000

Zip Code of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Zip code also does not exist. As per common sense, we can say the Zip code of Abu Dhabi is 00000”. You don’t need to search for it on any other site. It is the fact; none of the Emirates has a zip or postal code in UAE.

Zip Code of Abu Dhabi

Postal System of Emirates

MAKANI number is used in UAE, which is a 10-digit number that gives you the exact location of the entrance to a building. It is the official geographic address system in the emirates of Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quain.

Each building has its own unique number. However, there exists a P.O. Box numbers system and all postal orders can be delivered there. You can use the post office box number of your area instead of postal or zip codes.

Abu Dhabi All Areas Postal Codes List

District/AreaPostal CodeDistrict/AreaPostal Code
Abu Al Abyad Island20900Al Hisn20004
Abu Al Habl Island23013Al Jubail Island22617
Abu Dhabi Industrial City20300Al Kasir20023
Abu Mreikhah24600Al Khalidiyah20026
Al-Adalah24604Al Khatm20817
Al Aliah Island22804Al Kheeran22405
Al Aryam Island20905Al Khidayrah20901
Al ‘Asheesh24605Al Layyan25315
Al Bahyah25006Al Lulu Island20025
Al Bateen20001Al Ma’mourah25313
Al Bihouth20930Al Manhal20018
Al Danah22202Al Maryah Island22616
Al Falah23829Al Matar23500
Al Fayah24609Al Mi’rad24601
Al Fteysi Island20908Al Muntazah22404
Al Haffar24438Al Mushrif20200
Al Halah Island20904Al Muzoun20212
Al Hanyourah25305Al Nahdah24435
Al Heel Island22807Al Nahyan22221
Al Hidayriyyat20400Al Nouf20902

Alternate for Companies Mail

It is a fact that there isn’t any Abu Dhabi Zip code or Abu Dhabi postal code. The situation is similar to all other UAE states. But the question is how to handle it when an Amazon Ali Express or similar company wants to write these codes.


The best option is to select 00000 as the default zip code for any place within the UAE. We’ll also talk about different options to resolve the issue below.

You may leave the zip code field or postcode field unfilled or write “NA”.

Using UAE for the postcode or United Arab Emirates for the country is an alternative.

The number you have is your UAE phone number begins with 05 such as 05012345 (that is not an authentic UAE flexible number). The advantage is that, if there’s any issue with location or conveyance the mail center of the UAE will every once in a while contact your phone in an attempt to relay the message, and more likely to happen using bundles and bundles than letters.

Create a new postcode in the event that there’s a non-existent postal district or postcode layout expected. It is possible to verify authenticity online for the appropriate country, assuming that the lodging structure needs a valid postcode, as well as a significant arrangement. All things is equal, in the event that you’re compelled to test this method on the internet it is important to determine whether or not you are true.


Dubai Postal Code in 2023


It is the UAE PO Box that can be used to address addresses of conveyance. It may show up twice at the address name, but you’ll only receive one copy of the letter or bundle.

In Dubai in the UAE, you will find in Dubai, you will find the Makani number for your specific location (assuming that you are aware of the exact location and there is an inscription on the fence or structure). The mailer will not send your mail there and you’ll need an address with a PO Box to do that, but the station won’t even know that.


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