Emirates ID STATUS

Every resident of UAE has an ”Emirates ID” document that shows his/her status in the country. You can get it after securing a resident visa on your passport. It is essential to claim any facility in UAE as a resident.

Emirates ID Status

When you apply for a new Emirates ID or renewal of your existing Emirates ID you can track your application. This process is called Emirates ID Status Check. You can also check your ID or visa expiry date by the same operation. There are different methods for this object, we will explain here a few most simple and easy procedures.


How To Check Emirates ID Status?

Here is the simplest method and the answer to your query, how to check Emirates ID status. You need your application number if have applied for a new ID and Emirates ID number in case of renewal.

  • Open the FAIC website by clicking on this link;


  • This site is only visible in UAE. You will find ”Check ID Status” button at the right side of home page as shown below.
Check ID Staus
  • Type you application of Emirates ID number in the empty box and click on the arrow sign, as shown in screenshot.
How To Check Emirates ID Status?
  • An info popup showing your Emirates ID Status will be appear at the top of the page.
Emirates ID Status in seconds

Congratulations, you have checked your Emirates ID Status in a few seconds with the simplest method.

In case of any difficulty in this procedure, you may contact the Federal Authority Customer Center at phone number: 600 522222. The attendant will check your Emirates ID application and inform you briefly.

Check Validity of Your Emirates ID Or Visa

You can check your Emirates ID validity or Visa expiry date easily within a few seconds on the FAIC website. Simply follow the two steps and get your desired information.

  • Click on this link for reaching to the relevant page of FAIC portal.
  • You can check your status by providing file number or passport information. Select your convinient option and click on ”Serach” button after putting your bio data.
Emirates ID status

The portal will show your Emirates ID status and visa expiry date on the next page.

How to Get New Emirates ID?

Visit your nearest authorized typing center and fill up the E Form to get your new Emirates ID. You can also fill out this form online by visiting the FAIC website. Then you will receive an SMS in which you will be asked to visit a registration center for future processes. Date time and address will also be mentioned in it.
emirates ID Fee for foreigners is AED 100 (per annum)
Required Documents are residence VISA and your Passport.

How to Get Urgent Emirates ID?

You can get your Emirates ID card within 24 hours by availing “Fawri” service. FAIC charges an additional fee for this urgent service. This is available for first-time registration, renewal of expired cards, and lost or damaged cards. Foreigners can use this service only for the replacement of identity cards.


FAIC center situated in Al Barsha, Al Rashidiya and Karama in Dubai, Al Jazeera and Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi, Madinat Zayed, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah.

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Emirates ID Renewal

The process of Emirates ID renewal is very simple. Before the expiry of your Emirates ID, federal authority for identity and citizenship will intimate you by SMS. You can also check your Emirates id status yourself.  Then you will have to submit your renewal application in person by visiting the same center.

If you did not submit the Emirates ID renewal application, you will have to pay AED 20 per day fine after 30 days of expiry.

Emirates ID Fee

According to the validity period, you will be charged an Emirates ID fee.

Emirates ID PeriodEmirates ID fee
1-year validity170 AED
2-year validity270 AED
3-year validity370 AED
  • Make sure your ID validity matches the validity of your visa when you apply.
  • After you have completed the visa stamping in your passport, it usually takes 7-10 business days to receive the ID card.
  • During the processing of your ID, you will receive SMS messages with updates. Once your ID is complete, you can collect it at one of Emirates Post branches. The message will indicate th is.
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Video Tutorial For Emirates ID Status Check

Change in ID, Emirates ID Information Update

If you want any change in Emirates ID details, you should contact the competent department in ICA within one month. In case, the required modification is in an existing card, then you will visit the ICA customer center. Keep your passport and Emirates ID along with you.

Activation of Emirates ID PIN

Emirates ID card contains a specific personal identification number which is PIN. This is a four-digit number and officials can get all information about you by entering this number into their system.

Emirates ID PIN always remains a sensitive issue. You should change and remember it from time to time for its protection. In case, you forget your 4 digits PIN and enter the wrong one for three times, then the system will deactivate it.

Now you will have to visit the Emirates ID office for reactivation. It is also compulsory to visit the same office for the first-time activation.

Three Factors Authentication System

Three factors authentication system is used in Emirates ID to protect you from any mishap. These three factors are; your ID, your PIN, and your fingerprints. If anybody tries to use your Emirates ID, he will have a cheat three-factor authentication system.

First of all, he needs your card, PIN, and then fingerprint. In this way, it is almost impossible to crack the system. However, you have to maintain all the necessary precautions.

Always carry your Emirates ID with you, remember your PIN, and keep on changing it. These steps can save you from identity fraud and theft.

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Cancelation of Emirates ID

The change of job, setting up a business in Dubai, and leaving UAE may be the cause of Emirates ID cancelation. For this purpose, you will hand over your card to your employer or to the Immigration authority when you submit your passport for visa cancellation.

Final Words About Emirates ID Status

You have learned about Emirates ID Status here. The comprehensive answer to the question, ”How to check Emirates ID Status” is also available in the blog. However, there would be some questions in your mind regarding this topic. You may ask these questions in the comment box given below.


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