Iqama Expiry Check Red Green

Iqama Expiry Check Red Green is being performed on the websites of the Saudi Labor Department and Absher. The only thing you require for this Iqama red-green process is your Iqama number or Passport number or Border number. It is a very simple method, which we are going to elaborate on.  


What is Iqama Red Green?

It is necessary to explain the term Iqama red green or Nitaqat before sharing the method of Iqama check red green. The KSA government started using this term in 2011 to determine the implementation of Saudization policy in the private sector.

When you go for Iqama Expiry Check Red Green, the system shows six category-based colors. These colors classify that specific company or Kafeel according to which you know about the facilities offered by the govt. of Saudi Arabia. 

First of all, we are stating here the method to check Iqama color or Iqama red-green status, then will try to explain what these colors mean.

Iqama Expiry Check Red Green Method #1

It is the easiest method for Iqama Expiry Check Red Green, you are advised to just follow these simple steps.

  • Step 3: Now read the captcha carefully and put this number in the next box.
  • Step 4: Then press the button given below the captcha. (You can see the pic for a better understanding.)

It is done, the next page will show you Iqama’s red-green status along with your name, work permit number, employment status, and company’s legal status.

Iqama Expiry Check Method #2

  • For the Iqama expiry check red-green, you have to open this link;
  • Log in to your account (you may also use any other Iqama holder’s account)
  • Now click on the Iqama status option.
  • On opening a new page, enter your Iqama number.
  • Then click on the Search button to see your iqama color, iqama red green.

Note: You can also use this procedure on the Absher app.

Video Tutorial

Iqama Colors or Nitaqat Categories

There are six Nitaqat colors including Iqama red and green for showing the category of the companies. It means these six colors are in six categories actually. We are explaining one by one all of these below.


Red Iqama Color

If you check your Iqama color status and find it red, it means your company falls in the last or worst category. It does not follow the Saudization policy and has only 4% of local workers. The Saudi Arabian government provides no facility for such companies. They neither can get new visas nor have the right of Iqama renewal. The labor department provides you only the right to change your company/sponsor or Kafeel without permission.

Yellow Color

If the system shows your Iqama Color Yellow after Iqama Expiry Check Red Green, it is an indication of danger. There are 93% of foreign workers in your company. This issue can be fixed by hiring more Saudi nationals and fulfilling the other requirements of the Labor Department. These companies also have no right to stop their employees from transforming their sponsors. 

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Green Iqama

Green Iqama is divided into three categories, High green, Medium green, and Low green. If your Iqama status shows high green in the Iqama red-green process, then the status of your company is more than OK and you can feel relaxed. While medium or low green colors show that status is just ok and may be shifted to the yellow category in case of any violation.


Platinum Category

When your company meets all the requirements of the government, it is kept in the Platinum category. The owners and workers of such a company enjoy all privileges and benefits from the state. Your company is up to the mark, you should continue your job here. iqama status red green iqama status red-green is a common search by ex-pats on Google in KSA. Unfortunately, it is the old method. The iqama holders remain touchy about iqama status. Of course, they are right because the rules related to iqama are very strict in Saudi Arabia. The Saudization policy has also disturbed foreign workers.

When ex-pats in Saudia want to search iqama status they have to use the official website. They search this interior ministry site by the keyword ” Iqama expiry check red green”. As a result, the website appears along with some other websites having guideline-based articles.


Friends, the Saudi Labor Department is very strict on the Saudization policy now. So we recommend that you always keep on Iqama Expiry Check Red Green to know your company status. Never take the risk to remain in the red and yellow category company for your job security. Stay connected with our blog and comment in case of any queries. Iqama expiry checking is also advised for all ex-pats living in KSA.


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