Check the New Pakistani Passport Fee in 2023

passport fee 2023

Every Pakistani citizen having a national identity card is eligible for a green Passport. The first time he is bound to visit a regional passport office for getting a new Pakistani passport. However, in case of renewal, he may apply online at his/her home.

If we talk about the requirements, after the computerization of all records, the only requirement for a Pakistani passport is your NADRA-issued Identity Card. In the case of underage children, it will be From B and CNICs of parents.

New Pakistani Passport Fee

The person looking to renew or obtain a new passport must be interested in knowing the new Pakistani Passport fees. It is important to note the following crucial details about the fees for Pakistani passports in 2023. The fee for all types of Passports is given here in detail.

Passport fee 2023

The applicant who is applying first time for a new passport and is visiting a regional office will fall in this passport fee list. 

It will be a machine-readable type that typically consists of 36 pages. This type of passport’s validity period can be 5 or 10 years. The following fee details apply to those interested in obtaining a regular Pakistani passport.

5-year validity Passport Fee

  • 36 pages normal: PKR 3,000
  • 36 pages urgent: PKR 5,000
  • 72 pages normal: PKR 5,500
  • 72 pages urgent: PKR 9,000
  • 100 pages normal: PKR 6,000
  • 100 pages urgent: PKR 12,000

10-year validity

  • 36 pages normal: PKR 4,500
  • 36 pages urgent: PKR 7,500
  • 72 pages normal: PKR 8,250
  • 72 pages urgent: PKR 13,500
  • 100 pages normal: PKR 9,000
  • 100 pages urgent: PKR 18,000
Passport fees 2023

Online Passport Renewal Fee

The following table outlines the cost involved in applying for your passport online while remaining in Pakistan:

Online Passport Renewal Fee

Overseas Passport Application Fee

The overseas Pakistanis applying for a passport from outside the country will have to pay the passport fees according to the table given below.

Pakistani Passport Online Renewal and New Application Procedure

Overseas Passport Fee

E-Passport Fee

The issuance of e-passports also has been started from all passport offices across the country. Directorate General of Immigration and Passports began issuing e-passports from Islamabad a few months ago. Now every citizen of Pakistan can apply for an e-passport from his relevant regional passport office.

It is a biometric passport that comes with an embedded microchip containing the holder’s personal and biometric information. An E-passport is more secure and convenient than a machine-readable passport. It has additional features and benefits for its holder. The following fee details will apply to the e-passport.

  • According to the schedule, the normal fee for 36 pages e-passport having 5 years of validity is Rs9000.
  • The fee for a 36-page urgent e-passport is Rs15,000.
  • The 72-page e-passport normal fee will be Rs16,500.
  • The urgent fee of a 72-page e-passport is fixed at Rs27,000.
  • The normal fee for a 10-year passport containing 36 pages is fixed at Rs13,500.
  • The urgent fee for a 10-year passport containing 36 pages is Rs. 22500.
  • The normal fee for a 72-page ten-year passport is Rs24,750.
  • The urgent fee for the e- passport of 72 pages having ten-year validity is Rs40,500.

5-year validity Passport Fee

PagesNormal FeeUrgent Fee
36PKR 9,000PKR 15,000
72PKR 16,500PKR 27,000
5-year validity Passport Fee

10-year validity Passport Fee

PagesNormal FeeUrgent Fee
36PKR 13,500PKR 22,500
72PKR 24,750PKR 40,500
10-year validity Passport Fee

According to the media reports, initially, the e-passport was launched in Islamabad. This service will be gradually extended to other cities across Pakistan. This service will be available both online and in designated passport offices, providing applicants with improved convenience and accessibility nationwide.

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