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Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar 2022

Saudi Arabia Ramadan 2022

As the holy month of Ramadan has been begun in KSA, the nationals and ex-pats are looking for ”Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar 2022. If you are in Saudia, you must know that it is obligatory to take a fast in the kingdom for all healthy Muslims. Rules are very strict in this regard.


Saudi Arabia Ramadan Calendar 2022

We are providing you a complete ”Ramadan calendar 2022 Saudi Arabia” here so that you can enjoy your Seher and After in time. So save this calendar and stay tension-free in ”Saudi Arabia Ramadan Time Table”.

Riyadh Ramadan Calendar 2022

113 April 202204:25 AM06:10 PM
214 April 202204:24 AM06:10 PM
315 April 202204:23 AM06:11 PM
416 April 202204:22 AM06:11 PM
517 April 202204:21 AM06:12 PM
618 April 202204:19AM06:12 PM
719 April 202204:18 AM06:13 PM
820 April 202204:17AM06:13 PM
921 April 202204:16 AM06:13 PM
1022 April 202204:15 AM06:14 PM
1123 April 20204:14 AM06:14 PM
1224 April 202204:13 AM06:15PM
1325 April 202204:12 AM06:15PM
1426 April 202204:11 AM06:16 PM
1527 April 202204:10 AM06:16 PM
1628 April 202204:08 AM06:16 PM
1729 April 202204:07 AM06:17 PM
1830 April 202204:06 AM06:17 PM
1901 May 202104:05 AM06:18 PM
2002 May 202104:04 AM06:18 PM
2103 May 202104:03 AM06:19 PM
2204 May 202104:02 AM06:19 PM
2305 May 202104:01 AM06:20 PM
2406 May 202104:00 AM06:20 PM
2507 May 202103:59 AM06:21 PM
2608 May 202103:58 AM06:21 PM
2709 May 202103:57 AM06:22 PM
2810 May 202103:56 AM06:22 PM
2911 May 202103:55 AM06:22 PM
3012 May 202103:54 AM06:23 PM

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Friends, there is a complete lockdown in the kingdom, and ”Saudi Arabia Ramadan 2022” is the ideal time for prayer. You can concentrate on this holy month to get the blessings of Allah. So please focus on fasts, prayers, and the Holy Quran and stay blessed.


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