How to Update Emirates ID in Etisalat?

Update Emirates ID in Etisalat

The subscribers of the famous company Etisalat can register their mobile devices or sim cards online. The renewal services are also available in UAE. During this process, you can also update Emirates ID in Etisalat. So here is the answer to your query, how to update Emirates ID in Etisalat.

We have explained the complete process in a simple way according to the new rules of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. You can perform it on both your computer and mobile phone.  First of all, you should check the required documents to update Emirates ID in Etisalat.

Requirements to Update Emirates ID in Etisalat

  • A valid Emirates ID is the only requirement for UAE nationals and residents.
  • The original Emirates ID with Passport or visa of GOV are required in case of business of anylisis.
  • Emirates ID and POD card are necessary for people of determination.
  • Original GCC ID is a main condition for GCC nationals to update Emirtes ID in Etisalat.

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Emirates ID in Etisalat

How to Update Emirates ID in Etisalat?

In accordance with the TRA rules, it is mandatory for you to renew your registration or update your personal data in Etisalat. Otherwise, the company has the right to reactivate your sim card. So here’s how to Update Emirates ID in Etisalat. People also ask how to register sim card online. It is the same method.

  • Open Etisalat official website or Etisalat UAE app. You can also use payment machine to update your Emirates ID on Etisalat.
  • Now open profile page and update your valid ID details.
  • Then enter the mobile phone number or SIM card you want to renew in your name.
  • After that update the sim number that you want to keep, the rest will be disabled.
  • If your attached ID is valid, the registered mobile number will remain active. In case of ID expiry, you will have to re-register your mobile phone number.
  • If the ID-card is not renewed after its expiration, any number associated with the ID-card will be suspended and deactivated.

After the Expiry of ID

You can do the same process on the renewal of your ID after the expiry. In the same way, you can update Etisalat emirates id, or sim card by visiting an Etisalat outlets work environment and portion machines.

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In any event, the flexible number that is listed is significant or remains active until the ID isn’t valid. If the Id has been canceled, you will re-activate the registration of the number compactly.

Moreover, if you accept that you are not activating your ID again the numbers that are flexible will be removed or relegated to an isolated location. They also send out an auto-warning which will have the chance for you to be reminded to change your ID nuances.

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