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Germany is trying to be a global education hub and the most attractive destination for foreign workers. For this purpose, the German government has unveiled groundbreaking changes to its visa regulations, particularly targeting international students and skilled professionals in the new German Visa Policy.


New German Visa Policy

The move, which comes as part of Germany’s broader strategy to enhance its attractiveness to foreign residents, aims to streamline entry processes, facilitate employment opportunities, and simplify pathways to permanent residency.

Said visa policy marks a significant departure from the previous framework, offering extended working hours for international students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s programs.

This change is poised to provide students with greater flexibility to pursue part-time employment opportunities while completing their studies, enhancing their overall experience in the country.

Moreover, Germany has underscored its commitment to fostering an inclusive immigration system by proposing reforms to ease permanent residency and family reunification rules. These measures are designed to provide seamless integration for immigrants, addressing labor shortages and contributing to the country’s economic growth.

Central to the new policy is the introduction of the Germany Opportunity Card, a pathway specifically tailored for skilled professionals worldwide seeking career opportunities in the European Union.

This innovative initiative offers immediate work permits, simplifies entry and employment procedures, and outlines clear prospects for permanent residency, all based on a points system ensuring accessibility for qualified individuals.

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Benefits for Study Visa Holders in Germany

  • According to the new German Visa Policy, Student visa holders in Germany are now allowed to do part-time jobs nine months after starting their academic courses.
  • German university graduates can get permanent residency after two years of work experience.
  • The new visa regulations by Germany allow international students to work during their studies.
  • Around 770,000 Job vacancies are available in Germany.

Minimum Bank Balance Requirement for Schengen Visa

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Germany Opportunity Card

The German authorities are making it easier for third-country people to work and live there. It could lead to several non-EU workers in Germany. It will be an important part of the new German Visa Policy.

The Germany Opportunity Card is aimed at skilled professionals worldwide seeking career opportunities in EU nations. The card offers an efficient pathway to employment in Germany, without requiring a permanent employment contract upfront.

It streamlines entry and employment processes, offers prospects for permanent residency, and provides immediate work permits. Its eligibility is based on a points system, ensuring accessibility for skilled individuals.


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