Get Dubai Work Visa in Just 5 Days. Benefits of “UAE Work Bundle’’

UAE wrok bundle program

Dubai is a land of opportunities for foreigners especially Asians workers. Let me tell you that the total population of Dubai is 3.6 Million including 2.72 Million expats. Inspite of this fact, the UAE government wants to entertain more foreigners in the state.

To welcome more foreign workers, UAE has launched ‘’Work Bundle’’ platform to simplify the process of work permits and residency visas issuance.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, announced, “In our ongoing quest for government excellence, we have recently introduced the ‘Zero Bureaucracy’ initiative, aimed at streamlining procedures and enhancing efficiency within the federal government…In alignment with this vision, today marks the inaugural launch of the ‘Employment Package’, a pioneering project designed to expedite, simplify and streamline the processes related to residency and employment.”

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Benefits of UAE Work Bundle Platform

The Dubai work visa applicants could get these benefits from UAE Work Bundle Program.   

1)- Minimum Time Period

The Work Bundle significantly cuts down processing time for work permits and residency visas. Originally taking up to 30 days, the new system aims to get everything done in just 5 working days.

2)- Shorter Procedure 

The process is streamlined, reducing the number of steps from 15 to just 5. This means less running around and waiting for approvals.

3)- Ease in Documents

 The number of required documents is reduced from 16 to only 5. This saves time and hassle for both employers and employees.

4)- Minimum Office Visits

 Previously, applicants might have needed to visit visa centers seven times. With the Work Bundle, the process can be completed with just two visits.

5)-  Zero Bureaucracy Involvement

According to the UAE government’s post on X, the ‘Work Bundle’ aligns with the ‘Zero Bureaucracy’ program aimed at simplifying government procedures and providing proactive services. The first phase will be implemented in Dubai through the ‘Invest in Dubai’ platform and will be gradually expanded to include other government digital platforms,”.

New Dubai work visa

Details of Work Bundle Platform

The ‘Work Bundle’ introduces a unified platform, simplifying and expediting the myriad procedures private sector companies face. From renewals and cancellations to medical examinations and fingerprinting, everything is consolidated into a single, accessible platform.

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Notably, the ‘Work Bundle’ not only simplifies procedures but also significantly enhances the UAE’s competitiveness in global business and ease-of-doing-business rankings. By reducing the procedural labyrinth from eight services across five platforms to a single platform, the initiative cuts down on the required steps, documents, and visits, making the entire process more efficient and user-friendly.

Procedure of Work Bundle

For foreign professionals and UAE companies alike, the “Work Bundle” simplifies the hiring and renewal processes:

The process begins with a unified application, leading to the issuance of a work permit. Subsequently, the new hire must undergo medical examinations and secure an Emirates ID card to complete residency procedures.

 Company owners initiate the renewal with the unified application, after which the employee completes the necessary medical examinations and obtains a new Emirates ID card.

The process of securing work permits and residency visas has been significantly streamlined. What used to require a daunting 30 days and the submission of 16 different documents now takes only five days and five documents, thanks to recent reforms.

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