How to Get Canadian Open Work Permit? Details 2024

Canada open work permit

Canadian open work permit give you freedom from the common restrictions tied to other work visas. Unlike traditional permits that tether you to a specific employer or position, an open work permit empowers you to work for any employer across Canada. This distinction offers unparalleled flexibility, making it an attractive option for those seeking to explore Canada’s diverse job market and vibrant cultural landscape.

How to Get Canadian Open Work Permit?

Before getting the answer to your query, how to Get Canadian Open Work Permit, you must know some details about open work permit.

Types of Canadian Open Work Permit

Canada categorizes open work permits into two broad classes:

1)- Unrestricted Open Work Permit

Unrestricted Open Work Permit allows you to work in any occupation and location within Canada. Although a medical exam is generally a prerequisite, certain applicants, including those with specific permanent resident applications, may be exempt.

2)- Restricted Open Work Permit

 Restricted Open Work Permit has certain limitations. It may confine you to specific occupations or locations. Restrictions typically align with medical conditions or specific program requirements, such as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that require you to reside in a particular province.

how to get Canadian Open Work Permit

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for an open work permit hinges on several factors:

  • For Unrestricted Permits: You’ll need an LMIA exemption and valid temporary resident status. A medical exam is typically required unless you fall into specific exemption categories.
  • For Restricted Permits: Like unrestricted permits, LMIA exemption and valid temporary resident status are prerequisites. However, your permit will detail specific work or location restrictions based on your qualifying program.

Difference between Open Work Permit, Express Entry & PNPs

Open work permits, Express Entry, and PNPs serve distinct roles within Canada’s immigration framework:

  • Express Entry: Aims at selecting candidates for permanent residency, with a focus on work experience, education, and other personal factors. The process tends to be lengthier and involves a comprehensive assessment of candidates.
  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): These are tailored to meet the specific needs of Canada’s provinces, offering a pathway to permanent residency for individuals who can contribute to a province’s economic and social objectives.

How to Apply for Canadian Open Work Permit?

The application process for a Canadian Open Work Permit is streamlined into several clear steps:

To be eligible for a Canadian open work permit, applicants must meet general and specific criteria based on their situation and location:

General Eligibility for All Applicants

  • Intention to Leave: Must intend to leave Canada at the permit’s expiry.
    • Financial Stability: Need sufficient funds for their stay and return.
    • Legal Compliance: Must obey Canadian laws, have no criminal record, and not pose a security threat.
    • Health: Should be in good health; a medical exam may be required.
    • Employer Restrictions: Cannot plan to work for ineligible employers or those offering adult entertainment services​ (

Specific Eligibility:

  • Applying from Inside Canada: Includes those with valid study or work permits, those eligible for post-graduation work permits, refugee claimants, and those with a temporary resident permit valid for six months or more.
  • At Port of Entry: Visa-exempt country residents eligible for electronic travel authorization can apply, subject to meeting other permit-specific requirements​ (

Canada Visa from Pakistan Requirements

Open Work Permit Specifications

  • Eligible individuals include international graduates, those who have applied for permanent residence, spouses/common-law partners of skilled workers or international students, refugees, and others.
    • May require proof of legal employment in Canada at the time of permanent residence application submission and specific documentary evidence​ (
    • Must meet general work permit requirements, be in a genuine relationship with the principal applicant, and if in Canada, hold a valid temporary resident status among other criteria​ (

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