Immigration to Canada from Pakistan through Express Entry

Express Entry is the best Program for immigration to Canada from Pakistan In 2021. This program has made Canada’s Immigration much easier. Instead of hanging the applications for years, the Canadian government is giv ing permanent Residence to the eligible candidates in months under this Program.


The CANADA EXPRESS ENTRY COMPREHENSIVE RANKING SYSTEM (CRS) is introduced. Under this system, all the candidates are awarded points on the basis of age, education, language and job offer credentials, etc. The candidates who get significant points are entitled to apply for immigration to Canada from Pakistan.

The Job Bank Canada is also available for easy access to the jobs. You can search for jobs in Canada for foreigners here.
The number of professions in this program has also been increased. You can check your trade-in list of professions available on before you apply.

Division of Express Entry Points

Under the comprehensive ranking system, the total Express Entry Points are 1200. Its distribution is as under.

  • Age: 100 points (If apply with wife, total age marks will be 110)
  • Education: 140 points—- Applying together: 150
  • English or French skills: 150 points—- To apply together: 160
  • Canadian job experience: 70 points—- To apply together: 80
  • Job offer: 600 points—- You can get support from Job Bank Canada for a job offer
  • Skill transferability—- 100 points
  • Provinces Nominated Persons: 600 Extra Point
 immigration to Canada from Pakistan

How to Apply for immigration to Canada from Pakistan?

Before applying online, keep all relevant documents with you. Now open the website and go to the ‘Express Entry’ page. Click on ‘Apply’ and fill out the form as per the instructions provided. No fee is applicable on this stage. On submitting this form Successfully, you will be given a reference number. Now you will have to put your reference number in the Canada Job Bank site and create your profile. You complete this task within a month.

Now You have to look at Citizenship and immigration website where Express Entry Pool is announced. After nomination in this pool, then you will be able to apply for citizenship under the Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Traders or provincial nominee Program (PNP).

After the nomination in Express Entry Pool

Candidates of express entry will now apply for immigration under one of the three categories.
Visit the Web site and click on the “Forms and Guide” section. Links of different types of application forms will appear in front of you. You need four types of forms, as described below.

1). The 2-page basic application form for skilled workers. This form also has a specific place for photos. The Principal Applicant has to fill it.
2). Then Back Ground Form is for you, your spouse, and 18 plus children.
3). Your spouse and children will also fill the additional Family Information Form.
4). The fourth form entitles “Economic Classes Federal Skilled Worker” is only to fill by you.

express entry program

Fill the four types of forms on the computer or type it. After filling the forms, arrange the required fee. You and your partner will have to pay 550 Canadian dollars per head. While under 18 years of age, children will pay a fee of 150 dollars each. It is payable in Canadian dollar draft on the name of ‘Receiver General for Canada’. You will have to wrap the draft with the application.

Requirements for immigration to Canada from Pakistan

1. All application forms
2. Required fees Draft
3. Notary public attested copy of the data Page of Principal Applicant’s passport.
4. Your home address (printed or typed in English and Urdu)

Where to send?

The application will be sent to Central Intake Office Canada by a known courier service for Canada Immigration. The address is given below.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada,
Federal Skilled Worker,
Centralized Intake Office,
196 George Street, Sydney, NS
B1p 1J3, Canada

Note: You must know that for permanent residence visas (immigration), Pakistan’s candidates can not submit applications in the Islamabad High Commission. They will have to send their application to the above-mentioned address. This is a condition for the express entry program.

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If your application is up to the mark, you will receive an interim approval letter from the federal government of Canada within one month. In this post, you will be provided your case file number and a specific number for contact. You have to provide the required documents in this letter too. Then Your case will be referred to Islamabad Visa Office and you will be given 120 days for the preparation of papers/documents.
Required documents on this stage for immigration to Canada from Pakistan.

Required Documents

  1. HEC and the Foreign office attested educational certificates of you and your spouse.
  2. Transcripts of degrees packed in the University’s sealed Envelope.
  3. Original birth certificates of all applicants are also necessary for immigration to Canada from Pakistan.
  4. Children’s Educational Certificates (if Applicable).
  5. You and your spouse’s CNIC with English translation.
  6. Marriage certificate with English translation (attested from the local Union Council and the Foreign Office).
  7. Photocopies of passports of all applicants.
  8. Bank Statement to prove that you have money for your family’s consent in Canada for 6 months. This amount varies with time. Nowadays, for a family of 4 members, this amount is 21 thousand Canadian dollars. It is 21 thousand dollars for three members and 14 thousand dollars for two members’ families.
  9. Advertisement
  10. Police Character Certificate (Applicable for all applicants)
  11. Immigration size photos of all members.
  12. wedding photos.

For Business class Investors

The Canadian government wants to bring successful businessmen from all around the world. So far, more than 18,000 foreign investors have been awarded Canadian citizenship. As a result, 4 billion $ direct investment has come in Canada. This a famous category of  Canada Immigration through the Express Entry program.


i). Businessmen who have at least 8 million dollars worth can apply alone or with family.
ii). The candidate should have two years of experience to run a business, no diploma or degree is required.
iii). Can invest at least 4 million $ for 5 years after the contract with Govt representative, bank, or trust. You may invest this amount in a small or medium business. It must generate employment opportunities and also contributes to economic growth. No further investment is needed, and the actual amount will be returned after 5 years.

NOTE: If you deposit 120,000 $ to a Canadian bank, that will give you a loan of 4 million $ for investment, which will not require any security. Approximately 95 percent of investors invest in the same way with debt and put their remaining money in real estate or any other profitable business.

iv). There will be no interview if your documents are complete in this category.
v). You and your family will have to clear the medical test and submit police reports.

Duration of the stay

A permanent residence visa is approved within 12 months to investors. They can spend a maximum of 3 years outside Canada in every term of a five-year. More stay will affect “permanent residential status”.

Canadian Citizenship

After 3 years of immigration to Canada from Pakistan, you and your family will be able to apply for Canadian citizenship/passport, after which your next generation will be a Canadian citizen by birth.



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