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Best WhatsApp Status 2021

Best WhatsApp Status is required, when we chat with our friends. Usually, our youth use different cheap jokes, poetry, and quotes for WhatsApp status. In this way, they only waste their time. If they start using meaning full status, they not only can learn some knowledge themselves but also provide this opportunity to others.


Best WhatsApp Status ever may be quoted as having some moral lessons or verses that can bring golden change in their lives. Which status we feel near to our heart, we call it the best WhatsApp status ever.

We have translated a lot of famous Urdu quotes into English, so you can call it ” WhatsApp status in English”. Of course, now these golden words are the best status for WhatsApp and you should use it instead of cheap love quotes.

sky is not the limit
The sky is not the limit

Best Quotes for Whatsapp Status

We are awarded these three things once in life, so take care of these gifts of nature:

1)- Parents

2)- Beauty

3)- Youth age (age between 15 to 24 years)

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Three things never wait for anyone:

1)- Death

2)- Time

3)- Customer

best status ever

These three things are different for everyone:

1)- Face

2)- Character

3)- Luck

Best Quotes for Whatsapp Status

Everybody likes these three things in life:

1)- Wealth

2)- Fame

3)- Children

A ship in harbor is safe
A ship in harbor is safe

Never ignore these three D’s in your life:

1)- Duty

2)- Debt

3)- Disease

your  anger is a gift

Best Whatsapp Status# 2

Life is very strange

Some times, we feel love for it, on other times, hate feeling overcame.
Once it showers happiness, at other times it gives countless sorrows.
Some times, we want to live like a cheerful grasshopper, next time we want to die.

In spite of all of these feelings, we have to live and face all situations, because it is life, the most beautiful gift of Allah.

whatsapp status in English

Best Status 3

  • Now human beings have learned to fly like birds and swim like fish but did not learn to live like humans.
  • We should like gold, which never changes its qualities even on cutting into hundred of pieces.
  • Always be prepared for thick and thin, as time may change at any time.
  • It is our character which can make us great, not words.
  • We can not change nature but it can change us any time.

Best Status 4

End of Endless Wishes

  • If you have a wish to drink, drink your anger.
  • Who wishes to eat, must eat the sorrow of others.
  • Those who want to have something, have prayers from others.
  • Donate for Allah, if interested in donating.
best Whatsapp status ever
End of Endless Wishes

Best WhatsApp Status 5

  • Don’t worry about troubles as stars shine in the darkness, not on a sunny day.
  • Good memory is to forget other’s mistakes.
  • It is a big mistake to ignore your own mistakes.
  • Behave like rain which doesn’t care for good and evil.
  • Greedy people never remain calm.

Status 6, Golden Words

  • The tongue has no boon but all boons may be broken due to its misuse.
  • Call people with their proper names, if you want space in their heart.
  • Font of palaces should remember their graves.
  • One flower can furnish a whole bench full of thorns.
  • Don’t worry because of problems as stars twinkle in the darkness.       

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Status 7

  • Your wisdom is your real teacher.
  • Strike of watches can’t stop time.
  • The eye is the door of the heart, all miseries enter by this path.
  • Anger is your biggest enemy.
  • The small brain is stuffed with wishes, while great with objects.
human being quote

Funny Whatsapp Status

We can not stay sad every time, so fun is necessary for our daily life. Funny WhatsApp status provides us entertainment which is also our mental requirement. This is the reason why people are so crazy about funny status and share such kind of WhatsApp status. We are stating some latest funny WhatsApp status for you.


Funny Whatsapp Status 1

Usually, girls say after seeing their friend’s husband ” mine is more handsome”. On the other hand, Males comment after seeing their friend’s wives ” he is luckier than me”

Funny Whatsapp Status 2

A husband went to his office after quarreling with his wife. He called her from office in the evening. “darling, what is in dinner today?”

The wife said “poison”. Husband replies, “you may go to bed after eating, I am late tonight.”

Whatsapp Status 3

  • Wife: I am feeling not well
  • Husband: I was thinking about shopping.
  • Wife: I was just kidding, we must go.
  • Husband: I was also kidding, get up, and make bread for me.

Funny WhatsApp Status 4

  • Wife to her husband: you were abusing me in sleep?
  • Husband: you are mistaken.
  • Wife: what mistake?
  • Husband: I was not in sleep.

WhatsApp Status 5

  • Aik pathan jahaz me safar kar raha tha.
  • Air hosits ko daikh kar kehta he “tum tou mairi biwi ki tarah dikhta he”
  • Airhostis: bakwas band karo.
  • Pathan: kiya baat he, zuban bi milta he.

Funny WhatsApp Status 6

  • Child to his father: can we go to meet with Allah by airplane?
  • Father: we can also go there in our car if your mother drives it.

Status 7

  • Judge to a thief: you should shame on you, you have performed seven moves in a week.
  • Thief: sorry sir, I am not guilty, there are only seven days in a week, I can steel for eight days if there are eight days in a week.

WhatsApp Status 8

  • Gahik dukandar say kehta he k aaj k baad maira kutta b tumhari dukan per aae tou uss ki izzat karna ho gi.
  • Dukandar: right sir, kutta bi aee ga tou me smajoon ga, aap aee ho.

Funny Status 9

  • Jahaz rani ke student se ustad poochta hy: agar sumandar me toofan aa jae to tum jahaz ka kiya karo gay?
  • Student: me langar dal doon ga.
  • Ustad: aik or toofan aa jae tou?
  • Student: tou aik or langar dal doon ga.
  • Ustad: phir toofan aa jae tou?
  • Student: phir langar dal doon ga?
  • Ustad: magar tum itnay saray langar lao gay kahan say?
  • Student: jahan se aap itnay saray toofan lao gay.

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