Virgin Number Check Code

How to Check Virgin Mobile Number, Virgin Mobile Number Check, and ‘’Virgin Mobile Number Check Code’’ are common queries on Google. The reason is that the Virgin mobile service is famous in UAE as well as in KSA. Its subscribers are in thousands.


How to Check Virgin Mobile Number?

Sometimes a user does not remember his Vergin sim number and has not been in use for many weeks. So he searches for the ‘’Virgin number check code’’ on the search engine.

Here you can learn the easy way to check Virgin’s mobile number without any charges.

Virgin number check code is 800165. It is not an SSD code so you have to dial this number for calling. It is free and you can dial it even when your mobile is out of balance.

How to Check Virgin Mobile Balance?

Check Virgin Sim Number

Virgin Mobile Number Check Procedure

You will have to dial the code 800165 for the Virgin mobile number check. In this way, you will easily be able to get your Virgin Mobile sim number owner details.

On the other hand, you may visit your nearest Vergin mobile center for this purpose. In this case, you will have to keep your ID card with you.


How to Check Du Number and Sim Owner Details?

Virgin Mobile App

You can also use the Vergin mobile app to check the Vergin sim number. For this purpose, download the app by clicking on the link given below and login to check the number.

In this way, you will be able to see your Virgin Mobile number on your mobile screen for free. The residents of all Emirates can use these methods.

Virgin Number Check CodeCharges
800165Free of Charge

Terms and Conditions

You have to fulfill these terms and conditions to solve the query, How to Check Virgin Mobile Number.

  • Only active sim numbers may be checked, inactive sim might not work.
  • Codes can be changed at any time by Virgin Mobile, Please check the Virgin Mobile website if the code above has an error.
  • You must Call Virgin Mobile’s helpline for further information
  • Only the registered Virgin SIM owner, his address, and the Location of the Virgin Mobile Number may be checked by calling the helpline or visiting their shops across UAE.

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