overtime rules in UAE

The rights of labour are strictly protected in the United Arab Emirates. The labour laws especially the overtime rules for expiates in UAE are well defined.


Overtime Rules in UAE

In this regard, the director of the Ministry of Manpower Ibrahim Al-Amari has said that “Emirate laws bound the employers to take the duty from workers in open areas during the summer in the afternoon.” They can not force them for extra work after 8 hours without offering overtime perks.’

According to Al-Emirat Al-Youm, if an employer takes more than eight hours of duty from his employees in a day, he must be given overtime.”

Ibrahim Al-Amari

While talking to the radio channel, he said that the United Arab Emirates is the first country to ban duty in open areas at noon for the health and safety of workers.


Exempted Departments

Ibrahim Al-Amari said that the Ministry of Manpower and Emiratization has exempted three categories of staff from duty restrictions at open places during the afternoon. In view of public interest, there are 3 tasks that cannot be stopped.

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Ibrahim Al-Amari said that “among the three works that are exempted from the restriction of duty in open places, one is the work of pouring asphalt mixture and concrete.”


“The second task is the repairing of the water supply, drainage lines, and electricity cables. The third work is related to the communication lines.”

It should be noted that according to Emirati law, duty cannot be taken in the sun at open places from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM during hot summer days.


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