Easiest Schengen visa, Iceland visa from Pakistan

Schengen visa

A Schengen visa provides you the opportunity to visit 28 Schengen countries. You get this visa from one country and can go to whole Schengen area after entering in your main destination. As it is a difficult task to get a Schengen visa from Pakistan, so green passport holders have to show a little bit smartness in this regard. When they consult any consultant, he advises them to apply visa of a such Schengen country, whose visa approval rate is high than others. In this sense, we have checked the data of last two years and came to know that Iceland has best record.

Iceland visa from Pakistan

States shows that Iceland has approved 99.10 percent visa applications in 2017 and 2018 as well. It means it visa approval ratio is more than 99% and it is highest in the Schengen countries. We can say that if you apply Schengen visa with complete documents in Iceland embassy, your success chances are up to 99.1%. So anybody who want to visit Schengen are, he must apply Iceland visa from Pakistan.

Iceland embassy in Pakistan

There is iceland embassy in Pakistan, however Danish embassy works on the behalf of Iceland and Green Land. Danish embassy in Pakistan collect Schengen visa applications through VFS global and send to Immigration department of Iceland. In short, you can visit your nearby VFS global office to apply Iceland visa.

iceland visa requirements

Requirements for Iceland Visa

Requirements for Iceland visa from Pakistan are almost same as other Schengen countries. Now you can ask that why its rejection rate is so low. The reason is that this small Schengen country wants to promote tourism to generate more revenue. Now you can know Schengen visa requirements, which are;

• Filled Schengen visa application form.

• Original Passport valid for minimum up to next six months.

• Copy of CNIC is being demanded for Island visa.

• Two fresh photos according to the instructions of VFS global.

• Return air ticket is common in visa requirements of all countries.

• Arrangement of accommodation in Iceland i.e., hotel booking.

• NADRA family registration certificate with English translation.

• Nikah Nama, if applicant is married.

• If applicant is employee in any govt or private department, he will have to provide the service certificate, indicating his post, service length, salary and purpose of visit.

• In case of self-employment or business, its supporting documents like registration, NTN and chamber of commerce are required for Island visa from Pakistan.

• Bank statement of personal account as well as of business account.

• Travel medical insurance of 30000 Euro is also include in Schengen visa requirements. This is policy which provide health cover up to 30 thousand Euro but it premium is very low. Now this service is also available at VFS and Gerry’s visa drop box. Hungary visa requirements

iceland visa from pakistan

Travel history for Schengen visa

If you are applying Schengen visa for tourist purpose, no invitation or sponsorship is required, however tourist should prove his identity by his passport. Keep in mind that passport of a tourist shows that he had visited a lot of countries before and now he qualifies for a Schengen visa. For a Pakistani tourist, these countries may be UAE, Malaysia, Thai land, Turkey and Egypt etc. If no visa of such countries is stamped on your passport, you should not apply Ireland visa from Pakistan.

Financial resources

A tourist always has sufficient funds for his tour and he have to provide proof in the shape of bank statement. While his business/good job, assets and property papers strengthen his case.

Advice for Island visa

Friends, you must apply Iceland visa from Pakistan but with completer preparation. It is Schengen visa which has a value in the present time. So prepare yourself before applying it. A lot of home work is necessary which you can understand by checking requirements for Ireland visa.  Easy way to get UK visa

We have embedding here a video by which you can know the procedure to increase the value of your passport. There is a way and you can make your travel history by adopting it. To apply a Schengen visa is not a work to do in hurry, it is a great task which would be completed by long-term planning. If you have any query in this regard, can ask by commenting. We shall try to reply you soon.

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