Best Way to Get Dubai Work Visa From Pakistan After The Corona Pandemic

Dubai work visa from Pakistan

Due to the deep interest of Pakistani youth in Dubai, Dubai work visa from Pakistan is a hot topic on the internet. Before discussing this subject, let me know that more than 8.8 Million Pakistanis are working abroad. When we look into the breakup, come to know that the majority (4.7 lacs) of the overseas Pakistanis are living in the Middle East.

According to Wikipedia, 2.6 Million people are working in Saudi Arabia while 1.5 Million are in UAE. Due to the Saudization policy, the working environment for foreigners has become very tough in KSA.

Now in the post-Korona situation, most Pakistanis are trying to get a Dubai work visa from Pakistan.

Dubai Work Visa from Pakistan

UAE is the best destination for Pakistanis having the average educational and economic background. Even that it also suits the illiterate persons interested in laborers, drivers, and helper jobs. So we are explaining here the easiest way to get Dubai work visa for Pakistani.

How to get Dubai Work Visa?

There are two ways to get a Dubai work visa.

In a first way, you have to get a visit or Dubai job seeker visa to search job by going there. The chances of success are very low in this case as nobody responds to you without a reference there.

You can check the details of this method from this link: Best Dubai Job Portals. This way is also known as the Dubai jobs with visa-free for Pakistani.

The second and the best way is to get a Dubai work visa from Pakistan. Yes, a legal system exists in our country for foreign jobs under the umbrella of our government.

The method to get Dubai Work Visa from Pakistan

A lot of UAE-based companies contact the Overseas Employment Corporation of Pakistan (OEC) for the recruitment of Pakistani workers for hundreds of jobs.

OEC assigns these posts to its authorized recruitment agencies in Pakistan. In the case of Dubai jobs, they are also called Dubai working visa agents. You can find their list from this link: List of Overseas Employment Promoters

Secure Procedure to find a Dubai job

You are looking for a secure method to get a Dubai work visa from Pakistan. Well, simply follow the steps given below for this purpose.

  • In this screenshot 1418 jobs are available, you have to check all the opportunities and click on the post of your interest.
  • Suppose that you have an interest in the top post (Limousine Driver). After clicking on it, we find all its details as shown below.
oec job portal
  • It is showing that 40 posts are available. The salary is 1500 AED and the offer expiry date is 03-06-20.
  • If the post is still valid, you have to note the recruitment agency name and address given here. As in this post is “Shalaan and GL overseas employment promoter.
  • Now you should contact this promoter for a skill test and interview if necessary.     
  • The promoters work under the government license and in case of any complaint OEC will punish as shown below.

After your selection, the promoter will complete all the formalities regarding job agreement and visa with the help of OEC.

Special Advice

It is strictly advised to don’t visit any Dubai working visa agent by reading ads in newspapers or on social media. Only follow the above-stated procedure to get a Dubai work visa from Pakistan.

Dozens of fake visa agents are looting the common men by offering fake Dubai jobs. Only check jobs in the OEC job portal and contact the company mentioned in the details of that post.

Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment often issues alerts on social media for the public to beware of fake foreign jobs ads like this;

Final Words

Friends, we have explained the best way to get a Dubai work visa from Pakistan in this blog. If You have any queries regarding Dubai visa for Pakistani or ”Dubai jobs with visa-free for Pakistani” can ask a question by commenting below.


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