Dubai Hills Mall Roller Coaster

Dubai Hills Mall was inaugurated on February 17, 2022. It was a great success as visitors were satisfied with its retail, restaurants, and entertainment ideas. Today we are here to talk about the Dubai hills mall roller coaster. It’s included in the list of attractions in Dubai.


Apart from that United Arab Emirates (UAE) now holds a Guinness World Record for the fastest vertical launch roller in the world. The roller coaster is now popular with the name Storm Coaster. It’s now officially the fastest roller coaster ride on earth. If you are afraid of fast rides then it will be best to don’t take this one.

Dubai Hills Mall Roller Coaster

You may have heard about many entertainment concepts in a shopping mall but an indoor rollercoaster re ally catches attention. It’s the first unique project of its kind. The trail length is 670m and a 50m high vertical launch track is firmly integrated into the structure of the building.


All the work was done under the supervision of a Lead Designer Consultant (Cundall) and in collaboration with a Creative consultant (Thinkwell). Everything is designed and coordinated as perfect building aspects should be. Intamin was the Dubai hills mall roller coaster supplier. All these persons were behind this successful structure including the project manager (JLL MENA) and the main contractor (ALEC). They should be appreciated for this iconic project.

Don’t forget about the structural Engineers as they also played an important part in the construction of the building and Storm Coaster. When it comes to building a roller coaster, every aspect from shape to track structure is observed. The track is the main effort as it consists of complex geometrically and rotates on all axis within the three-dimensional specific space. Because of such challenges, parametric modeling was implemented from the very first day of building the design into reality.

Lee French, Partner, Operations Director MENA said: “This was a unique project itself and it was exciting from both, the construction and end-user experience perspective.”

Mall Roller Coaster

Ticket Price of Dubai Hills Mall Roller Coaster

Standard Ticket Single Ride of the Storm Coaster Costs AED 65 for 1 person.

  • Offers One single ride (1 Admission). The duration of a single ride is 2.15 minutes.

Premium Ticket Double Rides of the Storm Coaster Costs AED 65 for 1 person.

  • Offers Two rides ( 2 Admission). The duration of a single ride is 2.15 minutes. (2 rides x 2.15 minutes).

Supreme Ticket Three Rides of the Storm Coaster Costs AED 149 for 1 person.

  • Offers Three rides (3 Admissions). The duration of a single ride is 2.15 minutes. (3 rides x 2.15 minutes).

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Roller Coaster Location

The Storm Coaster is Located in Dubai Hills Mall – United Arab Emirates and opens at 10 AM every day.


Roller coaster rides are fun for Daredevils. The feeling of being lifted above the Dubai skyline and then dropped into the middle of an epic mega-storm-shaped track hits you differently. The minimum height to hop onboard is 130cm so 7-8 years children can ride this coaster under their parents’ supervision. We hope this article was helpful to you and do check other informative articles on our website.


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