Al Suhub Rest House Khorfakkan, New Tourist Spot

Al Shuhub rest house

Al Suhub rest house Khorfakkan is a wonderful place situated at 600 meters above sea level. It provides a wide view of the city and a unique way to explore Khorfakkan’s mountains.

Al Suhub Rest House Khorfakkan

Al Suhub rest house Khorfakkan is a complete amusement park offering a range of facilities including a luxury restaurant to the visitors. This arrangement and natural environment make it one of the most famous tourist points in Sharjah as well as in UAE.

Map Al Suhub Rest House

As it is built at the highest point, the administration assures your safety by taking all necessary measures.

The length of the road leading to the Al Suhub rest house is 6.5 km and includes two lanes for ascent and one for descent. The road slopes range between three percent and 9.7 percent, which provide the best safety for visitors.

On the other hand, the building consists of 2 floors with a total area of 2,788 sq. meters. The ground floor includes a restaurant and a cafe that can accommodate 88 visitors in the inner hall and 48 in the outer balcony, while the basement contains a multi-purpose hall, separate prayer rooms for men and women, toilets, and service and administrative facilities.

Special Information about Al Suhub Rest House

This mountain top restaurant is a unique piece of architecture. Its structure’s style resembles that of an aircraft. The structure’s circular shape is unique with an area at 30 meters. Al Suhub Rest House is nearly 600 meters above sea level. The high mountaintop “cloud lounge” in the Rest House provides the perfect spot from which to enjoy the breathtaking views.

al suhub rest area
Al Suhub Rest House

A 5.63 km road with two sides is constructed to ensure that you can drive easily towards the rest House. However, you must take your time when hiking upwards on the mountain. There’s plenty of parking for cars of any kind.

The Al Suhub rest house Area features fountains that run through the areas that have more than 8000 trees. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing time under the dark shadows and enjoy the fun with their family members. Children can play in the specially-designed play space.

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