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Love Lake Dubai entry fee, location, map, timings, environment, and all other Information about this amazing tourist point are available in this blog. As you know Dubai is full of amazing places. Every year, a new place is introduced with more wonders, apart from huge malls and tall buildings.


For example, “The Miracle Garden Dubai” is the greenest place in Dubai. You may think that it’s the most beautiful place, but wait until you visit Love Lake Dubai. Amazing as the World Islands and Palm Jumeirah, this lake is designed as two interlocked hearts that never cease to amaze!

Love Lake Dubai

Dubai Love Lake went public when Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed (Crown Prince) shared the pictures of this artificial lake on his Instagram account. Since then, it’s been attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. The purpose of Love Lake Dubai was to provide a natural habitat for birds and desert animals as it’s in the middle of the desert. The artificial lake is a part of the entire lake complex Al Qudra.

The beautiful Dubai Love Lake is man-made and another example of what humans are capable of. Today, it’s among the most romantic places worth visiting. You can keep an eye out for birds and wildlife including some rare species. See the sunset with your loved ones beside you. Let’s discuss this gorgeous place briefly including FAQs and exciting things you can do here!

Love Lake Dubai Location

Love Lake Dubai Entry Fee

Looking at the beauty of this Lake, everyone asks about its ticket fee. Amazingly the Love Lake Dubai entry fee is zero. It means it is free for all; you don’t need to pay for an entry.

Love Lake Dubai Location

RCP3+39C Al Qudra United Arab Emirates. Located in the middle of the desert and surrounded by greenery gives a natural look. Once you are at the Dubai Love Lake, there’s only sand in every direction, except for this place. Love Lake Dubai is far away from the busy and crowded Dubai City. Its name is Love Lake because of the combination of two interlocking heart shapes lakes. The whole lake is consist of an area of 550,000 square meters.

Love Lake Dubai Map

You may follow the Love Lake Dubai map to reach this beautiful tourist destination. Please click on the picture to explore the location on Google Maps.

Love Lake Dubai Map

Why Should You Visit Dubai Love Lake?

Dubai Love Lake is a place of many adventures. It’s not only a barbecue spot or a place for long jogging. The lake is one of the most creative projects in Dubai. The place provides a peaceful and calm environment, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are planning on visiting a place to spend some quiet time with friends and family then this Lake will be a great option.

Beautiful and Remembering Sunset

You can witness the most beautiful and remembering sunset from here. The sun’s sharp glow, golden sand grains, and greenery give a unique touch that can’t be described by words. Therefore, we advise you to visit the Dubai Love Lake an hour before sunset. When the weather is perfect, you can spend more time in the park observing nature and listening to birds.

Heart Shape Plants Beauty

Over 16,000 trees and plants are grown around the Lake. Every plant such as begonia, trees, and shrubs is looking beautiful in the heart’s shape. You become a part of nature. You will surely visit this place again in your free time. It’s a great spot for picnicking, pet walking, and jogging. You won’t see many people jogging as there are no residential buildings nearby. There will be a few cyclists who bring their equipment with them. Keep in mind cycling is not allowed at the conservation (Areas with Greenery).


Walk and Amazing Photography

You can walk in the shallow parts of the lake, and signboards are available to mark the areas. One part of the lake is a fishpond filled with Koi Carp and Goldfish. Koi Carp fish has a giant mouth and may seem scary but it’s unharmful and safe to touch. You can not enjoy the fishing here. There are many different spots for photography in Love Lake Dubai. Most of them are heart-shaped. The shape of the lake can’t be seen clearly if you look from the shore. The clear picture is seen from at least 50 meters above the ground. You can get a shot through a camera drone or a helicopter. Make sure you have the proper permits for drone filming. The helicopter option might not be affordable for everyone so you can look up the photos available on the Love Lake Dubai map view on the internet.

 Beauty  of Dubai Love Lake

Love Lake Dubai Timing

One of the good things about the lake is that Love Lake Dubai timings are 24 hours. It means it’s open all the time every day. But we have already discussed the best time to visit the lake which is an hour before sunset. You can go there early to experience the silence, the greenery, the calm waters, and the birds. The oxygen supply is stable and plenty for your lungs.

Be careful as it’s home to desert foxes and guzzles. It’s also the best place to build family connections, rediscover romance, and have a laugh. You can travel in any vehicle as they have plenty of parking spaces. Most of all if you have time, set up a night camp and enjoy the lakeside night view in the desert.

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Q: Is swimming allowed in Lake?

No, you can’t go for a swim in the lake. But you can walk in the marked shallow area and see the swans enjoying the lake.

Q: Is Barbecue allowed in Love Lake Dubai?

Yes, barbecue is allowed but only at the designated spots that are also marked, and only barbecue coals should be used. It is necessary to clean your waste.

Q: Do I need a 4×4 Vehicle to reach love Lake Dubai?

Although you can reach the Lake without a 4×4, we suggest you use a 4×4 vehicle since the road is bumpy and full of sand. A 4x vehicle will be the best option to drive in desert areas.

Final Words

This is an ideal place to have a picnic or a barbecue. Make sure to clean up any leftovers as it’s a courtesy to leave behind a neat place for fellow tourists. You can check more informative articles about the worth visiting places in Dubai on our website.  


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