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Whatsapp status is a post that we publish on our Whatsapp account. As this app is very popular nowadays, our youth rema ins busy in sharing Whatsapp Status Quotes in English every time. You can find best about for WhatsApp in English in this post.


Similarly, all considerable people including politicians, businessmen, actors, sportsmen, journalists, and social activists are connected with each other by WhatsApp groups.

The Popularity of Status Quotes

Whatsapp Status Quotes in English has become famous due to the free functions of WhatsApp. There are no charges for video calls as well as Audio. Text and voice messages are also free. People like the facility of free data transfer indeed.

You can use it to remain well-informed all time, the only thing you need is Whatsapp status by which you participate in different WhatsApp groups. We are providing you a lot of status for WhatsApp.

You can find the best WhatsApp status quotes in English here like William Shakespeare and other known authors. Simply copy sentences and past in your WhatsApp. you will feel proud by using these status quotes.

Best Whatsapp Status Quotes in English

These are Whatsapp Status Quotes which are best in value, so we can say these are the best Whatsapp status. Everybody can use it as the latest WhatsApp status. These shorts sentences can change your life if you try to keenly understand the logic of each.

Whatsapp Status Quotes in English

“Good mind, good find, never think negative”

“There is no rose without a thorn.”

“Save your own and spend an other’s.”

“Never join bad company, as a man is known by the company he keeps.”

“Better today than tomorrow.”

“The face is an index of mind.”

“Open the purse then open the sack.”

“Always remember, who blows in the sky shall fill his own eyes.”

” Out of the frypan into the fire.”

“It is a fact that diamond cuts diamond.”

“Out of sight out of mind.”

“Fair without and foul within.”

“A black man is being called Mr. White in our society.”

“All’s well that ends well.”

William Shakespeare

“A giant will starve on what will suffice a dwarf.”

“He plucks out the teeth of dog and barks himself.”

“Health is wealth.”

“Fish and guests smell at three days old.”

“One scabbard cannot hold two swords.”

“When one door shuts another opens.”

“Cast in the same mould.”

“A ship of the tongue is defaulter of the mind.”

“One past and lots of candidates.”

” Something is better than nothing.”

“The butcher looked for his knife when he had it in his mouth.”

“A penny saved is a penny found.”

“A bad wound heals but a bad name kills.”

“Pride goes before a fall.”

“Man proposes God disposes.”

“A close mouth catch no flies.”

“Casting pearls before the swine.”

“His bread is buttered on both sides.”

“It is hard to live in Rome and fight with the pop.”


“I talk of the chalk and you of the cheese.”

“Always Look before you leap.”

“Charity begins at home.”

” Wise people always think before they speak.”

“Experience is the best teacher.”

“Evil word cuts deeper than the sword.”

“The body at ease the mind at ease.”

“A soft answer turns away the wrath.”

“A sleeping fix catches no prey.”

“The life to be endangered.”

“Never quit effort, while there is life there is hope.”

” It is golden saying that live within your means.”

“Whatever the mind thinketh the tongue speaketh.”

“A lie has no legs to stand upon.”

“Bashfulness is akin to poverty.”

“Cast not dirt into the well that gives you water.”

“Fair is not fair but that will pleaseth.”

The Best WhatsApp Status ever for 2021

Final Words

Friends, you can use these Whatsapp Status Quotes in English by downloading or copying from this blog. There will be no copyright or other legal issues.



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