How Many Days are Off in UAE

Especially the ex-pats search ”how Many Days are Off in UAE” on Google at the end of the year. The majority of them plan to visit their homelands during the annual holidays to meet their families.

Annual Leave in UAE is fixed under a set of regulations that decides the number of days employees can take off from work each year. The law was introduced to protect workers’ rights and assure they take the days off that they deserve. The law is imposed on all employees who have been working for more than 1 year in the company; the annual leave period is 30 days for each year of service.

UAE new labour law 2022

How Many Days are Off in UAE?

The annual leave for employees who have worked for more than 6 months but less than 1 year is 2 days a month. On the other hand, employees who have just started out are not eligible for annual leave unless they have spent a minimum of 6 months period after joining the company. According to labor law, annual leave can be extended to the next year, depending on the requirements at the workplace.

Let’s discuss how many days are off in UAE briefly.

Leave Entitlements as an Employee

If you have been working for the company for six months but less than a year you are entitled to a minimum of two days of paid leave every month. The paid annual leave in UAE for an employment period greater than one year is 30 days as per the UAE Labour Laws. The annual leave includes public holidays or weekends that may occur within the aforementioned 30 days period. This policy is managed by the company. It also depends on an employer’s agreement if additional leave days are allowed or not.

Annual Leave in UAE

Working as an employee in the UAE comes with many benefits such as an official paid public holiday every year. They are mentioned below:

  • New Year: (1 January )
  • Eid Al Fitr: (29 Ramadan-3 Shawwal)
  • Arafat Day: (9 Dhu al Hijjah)
  • Eid Al Adha: (10-12 Dhu al Hijjah)
  • Hijri New Year: ( 23 August )
  • Commemoration Day: ( 1 December)
  • National Day: ( 2-3 December)

Public Holidays are Included in the Addition of Annual Leave Days

Yes, you read it right, the period of annual leave in the UAE includes official holidays and “sick days”. This is usually specified by employee contracts, agreements, and laws upon joining a company.

Benefits to an Employee During their Annual Leave

During the annual leave period, the employees are paid their basic wage plus housing allowance, if mentioned in the agreement.

Annual Leave in UAE

How the Duration and Start-date for the Annual Leave are Determined?

We cannot argue that the employer holds the right to decide when an annual leave starts and also has the right to divide the annual leave into two secti ons of their choice. Additionally, if the employee performance was not satisfying based on work, they can keep them without giving any annual leave. However, if this is the scenario, the annual leave was not given for a whole year, then the employer should pay their salaries along with the leave allowance equal to the basic wage for the days they have worked.


Nonetheless, the employer can only delay the annual leave once in two consecutive years and the employee is paid annual wages. Therefore, no employee should work during annual leave in UAE for more than one time in a two-year period.

When Annual Leave Wages are paid?

It’s the duty of the employer to pay the full wage of an employee before they have taken their annual leave, along with the wages they have agreed upon, in accordance with the terms and conditions of UAE Labour Laws.

Entitlement to Payment If an Employee’s Services are Terminated

In case, the employment is terminated or stopped working after the agreed notice period by law, the employee will be still entitled to receive their wages. Any remaining wages that are not received should be paid ASAP. This amount will be calculated on the basis of wages received at the time when the leave was scheduled.

You should keep in mind that some answers depend on the company’s policy. All the points that we have discussed above are in accordance with the UAE Labour Laws. Every company operating in UAE should comply with these laws, but most companies have more specific rules and agreements. We advised you first enquire about the employer’s policies regarding annual leave before joining.

Consequences of Breaking Annual Leave Laws in UAE

UAE is already famous for its laws and discipline and the same goes for the annual leave. Employees in the UAE are mostly not aware of these rights, and laws and what will the consequences of breaking them.

Employees who take annual leave without notifying their employer will result in disciplinary action. This includes a written warning, verbal warning, or direct dismissal from the job in most cases.

Employees who take a vacation without notifying the concerned department can also result in disciplinary action. However, the possible outcomes depend on the company’s policy. Prior approval is required for a vacation, not many companies allow their employees a vacation without permission.

Employees should get familiar with the UAE Labor Laws and their company’s leave and vacation policies. It’s important before taking any days off, failure to complete this task may result in severe consequences.


We hope now you know how many days are off in UAE and what to consider regarding annual leave. If you follow the rules and regulations declared by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratizations, you can enjoy and spend your employment days without any problems. Annual leave is a great blessing for ex-pats in the UAE, so ensure it’s not manipulated. We do wish you good luck!


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