Attractions of The Six Board Game Cafe Dubai

the Six Board Game Cafe

If you ever get a chance to travel to Dubai, then you should pay a visit to the Six Board Game Cafe located on the Boulevard, Downtown Dubai right across from Burj Khalifa. They are located right in the middle of Dubai.

The Six Board Game Cafe

People who like playing games, good quality food, and spending a great time will fall in love with this place. They are opened with the goal of providing the best service and reconnecting people back together. The atmosphere itself gives a great and relaxing vibe. The natural light coming in from the front gives it a unique touch.

The Six Board Game Cafe is offering more than 1,000 massive games library access to customers. Select any game to play or ask someone around to recommend one. You can find many game experts there. You can even ask them to explain all the rules and play a quick round to get familiar with the mechanics of the game. The amount they are charging to sit and play as long and as many games as you want is only AED 35 per person.

Six Board Game Cafe Dubai

Menu Of The Six Board Game Cafe

Everybody loves eating snacks while playing games which is why they serve a wide variety of foods with exclusive options available on their menu. They have almost every item such as fresh popcorn, waffles, sundaes, and crepes, and a variety of cold and hot beverages to satisfy the customers for a fine dining experience. We have mentioned some of the items and prices from their menu below:

  • Latte Macchiato for AED 25.00
  • Macchiato for AED 22.00
  • Americano  for AED 20.00
  • Mocha for AED 25.00
  • Piccolo for AED 22.00
  • Cortado for AED 22.00
  • Mango Passion Fruit for AED 30.00
  • Peach for AED 30.00
  • Lemon for AED 30.00
  • Moroccan Mint Tea for AED 35.00

It’s just a part of the menu as they have more options on the menu. Check the reviews online, the only bad thing about the Six Board Game Cafe is that they don’t offer reservations and most people find it difficult to wait in a queue without knowing their turn.

Hive Board Game Cafe Dubai

Opening Hours

Their working hours are given below for your convenience:

  • Sunday: 9 AM to 12 AM
  • Monday: 9 AM to 12 AM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM to 12 AM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM to 12 AM
  • Thursday: 9 AM to 2 AM
  • Friday: 9 AM to 2 AM
  • Saturday: 9 AM to 12 AM

Contact Number: +97143342666


The Six board game cafe is very trending on social media and if you are a true board game lover then this would be a great place to go. You can go as a couple, with family and friends, and select from a large number of board games available to play. The menu is great and they keep on adding new items occasionally. The signature dishes are the most delicious. Spend some personal time in a chill environment.

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