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”How to check NOL card balance” is a common query in Dubai. Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) issues NOL cards for traveling in public transport. It is valid both for Dubai Metro Train and Public Buses. You can also use this card for payment at ENOC and EPCO gas stations. RTA is interested in increasing its usage so that it can make a payment method in the future.


How to Check NOL Card Balance?

When you get this card the first time, you think about how to check NOL card balance. You must check it before entering the platform for starting your journey. You can check it in three simple steps on your mobile, computer, or laptop.

  • Click on this link to reach the RTA official website.

  • On opening the page, click on the ‘’Check NOL Balance’’ tab as shown below in the screenshot.
How to Check NOL Card Balance?
  • Then enter your NOL card number/tag, given on the backside of the card.

It is done, you can see your nol card balance on the screen.

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Check NOL Card Balance on App

Nowadays, people like to use mobile phones for all types of online inquiries like how to check nol card balance on the app. It is also very simple. You have to simply follow a few steps given below for this purpose.

  • Install and log in to ‘’RTA App’’. You can also use the Guest sign-in option, if not want to make your ID.
  • After signing in, Click on the NOL option and choose ‘’View NOL Balance’’.
  • Now screen you can show space for entering Nol’s card tag number.
  • Check this number on the back of your card and enter the relevant space.
  • Then the screen will show your Nol card balance.

Types of NOL Card

There are three types of NOL cards while the fourth one is used as a dispos able ticket. You should select an NOL card according to your need. All types and their usages are given below.


NOL Gold Card

Gold card Can be used in all mentioned transportation & no transportation services.

It offers the privilege to access the Metro & Tram Gold class cabin with double the regular fare. The Unit price of the NOL Gold Card is AED 25 including a balance of AED 19. Its validity is 5 years and the Maximum balance amount limit is 1000 AED for Anonymous and 5000 AED for Registered users.

NOL Silver Card

NOL silver card is a regular card type that may be used in all transportation & nontransportation services mentioned for the gold card.

Silver card Unit price is AED 25 including a balance of AED 19 with 5 years’ validity. Its Maximum balance limit same as a gold card.

NOL Personal Card

It is an economy class card that provides Security and concession fares. You can recover your balance if your card gets lost or stolen. NOL personal card is available with 5 years’ validity and AED 70 price including AED 20 Credit. It allows you to have a maximum of AED 5000 balance amount.

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NOL Red Ticket

It is a Paper disposable ticket that you can use a single time only. NOL red ticket price is AED 2 and it can be used within 90 days or up to 10 trips for the services given below.

Usage of Red Ticket

Video Turoria for Checking NOL Card Balance

Special Guideline for NOL Card Users

We have answered a few frequently asked questions here for your convenience. 

Question: Why the balance of my NOL card is not updated?

Answer: NOL Card recharged online takes up to 24 hours to be credited to the NOL Card account, especially when the recharge is made during non-business hours (7 AM-6 PM).

NOL Card recharges made online are updated after the card is swiped in metro turnstiles (the machine that reads cards in that metro gate). The balance isn’t usually updated until the card is used on buses. If you pay on the internet, tap your card in Metro gates to receive the balance that has been updated.

Question: How to renew the NOL card online?

Answer: You can renew your NOL card online by following these guidelines.

  • Visit the RTA Website by clicking on this link;
  • Click Apply now button to proceed the renewal.
  • Enter the NOL Card TAG ID found on the backside of the NOL card on the website.
  • Specify the travel zone and the validity.
  • Pay the amount with your credit or debit card.

Your nol card will be automatically renewed after the completion of payment.


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